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Upcoming blockbuster The Source has been compared to The Crow and Mad Max. Discover why Enzo Zelocchi is set to be your next favorite apocalyptic anti-hero.

Upcoming Movie “The Source” Will See Enzo Zelocchi Satisfy Our Every Sci-Fi Craving

Every once in a while, an action hero crosses our screens and gets elevated to the status of legend. It happened with Brandon Lee in The Crow. It happened with Mel Gibson in Mad Max—and then Tom Hardy too, in the Mad Max reboot, more than 30 years later. There’s something magical about the formula of an apocalyptic anti-hero defying the odds, and it would seem that the next person to join these lofty ranks will be Enzo Zelocchi with the release of his upcoming project “The Source”.

Yes, parallels have been drawn with both The Crow and Mad Max when talking about the hotly anticipated sci-fi action movie “The Source”. Jaw-droppingly, Zelocchi is also set not only to star in the leading role, but also to serve as the film’s writer and producer. Read on as we explore what we know so far about the storyline of this fan-favorite production.

  • From Record-Breaking Trailer to Must-See Cinema

To fully do justice to the story of how this enticing film came about, we have to go back in time a little, because “The Source” was supposed to have already hit our screens—however, a real spanner came along in the form of the pandemic.

Yes, production for “The Source” was storming along in 2020 when Covid-19 arrived and we were all plunged into lockdown. Not wanting to keep his loyal army of social media followers in the dark, Zelocchi decided to put out a trailer of what they’d created so far. The result was game-changing.

Before long, the trailer for “The Source” had received over 200 million views, making it one of the most-viewed trailers in the history of social media. Without a doubt, this interest would have added even more drive for Zelocchi to finish his blood-pumping masterpiece as soon as opportunity allowed. This made it all the more exciting when news arrived that “The Source” is going back into production with hope for completion in 2023.

  • Dream-Sourced Superpowers, Parallel Universes, and Cool Kid Side-Kicks

Zelocchi shares that the concept for “The Source” came to him over a series of dreams back in 2018, when he wrote the film’s first treatment. The film’s protagonist—played by Zelocchi himself—is an alien in a humanoid body who is among a creed of intergalactic warriors who protect the universe against evil alien forces and the encroachment of parallel realities.

While we only have tidbits of the movie’s plot so far, we do know that Zelocchi’s otherworldly warrior will be joining forces with other oracles hiding on planet earth, while actively training the next generation of space-traveling warrior guardians. Expect apocalyptic landscapes, adrenal fight sequences, mind-blowing special effects, and—of course—our hero riding on a chopper across a desert landscape. 

Alongside aliens and parallel dimensions, Zelocchi has brought some amazing child actors into the fold once again for “The Source”. This is not the first time that Zelocchi has chosen talented youth to be his co-stars. His collaborations with the amazing Charlotte Labadie in “My Little Princess” and Ukrainian refugee turned pro-actress Emilia Nimak in “No War” come to mind. We can’t wait to see Zelocchi’s protective, fatherly dynamic playing out in a totally different scenario in “The Source”.

While we might have to wait just a little longer to get a sure-fire release date for “The Source”, it’s thrilling to know that the movie that created such a stir back in 2020 is finally going to be finished. If you’d like to remind yourself of what all the fuss was about be sure to go re-watch the trailer on Zelocchi’s Instagram, on Vimeo, or on YouTube

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