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We had the chance to interview indie filmmaker Mitesh Patel about his latest film 'Anti-Coronavirus'. Here's what he had to say.

The Creative Coalition is offering their annual Spotlight Initiative Filmmaking Grant for those who are willing to change the world through film.

Filmmaker Antonino Isordia Llamazares has created the world's first movie filmed with the language of Teenek. Here's everything you need to know.

Jaclyn Bethany is telling diverse stories as a filmmaker. Her latest film, 'Indigo Valley', continues her trend of innovative filmmaking.

We had the opporuntity to speak with Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach about the interesting career of being a sound editor, composer, and mixer.

The intriguing world of video involves a mix of creativity and advanced technology. Welcome to the world of corporate video editing.

Rashaan Noor is an actor and filmmaker. He answered all our questions about filmmaking and his movie 'Bengali Beauty'.

David Lawson is a new filmmaker with a short film called 'A Clockwork Heart'. He provided us with some wonderful insight into the short film.

The color palette in your film can drastically change how viewers interpret the scenes in front of them. Here are some tips for indie filmmakers.