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We sat down with both Adam VillaSeñor and Reza Ghassemi to discuss 'In Full Bloom' and their time working together over the years.

In her two decades in the entertainment industry, Michelle Krusiec has worn a variety of hats. Here's our interview with the talented Krusiec.

Rental houses provide photographers and videographers with high-end gear at an affordable fee. Here's everything you need to know about renting.

'Rise of the Synths' director, Iván Castell was kind enough to do an interview with us, here's what he as to say about his movie and career.

Kristian Martin has never been afraid of a challenge in his filmmaking. But 'Abstract' is now the most ambitious project to date for the indie director.

Dicle Oszer's new film 'Big Break' starring Brianna Ripkowski is about taking a change to move to LA to follow your dreams.

The Creative Coalition is looking to give film grants to those brave enough to make a short about the complicated issue of obesity in America.

Paul Brenno always had a passion for camera work, and spent his career working with cameras and storytelling. Now, he's taking on COVID-19 in his new doc.

Film sets are an important aspect when you are making a movie. Here's how to produce the stunning visual backgrounds we see in films today.