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Joslyn Rose Lyons was invited by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Learn more about the director here.

Prop money is a particular type of currency that filmmakers use to make monetary transactions look realistic. Here's how it all works.

'The Modern Way' is the new film by director Giuseppe Monticciolo. Learn more about the gritty period drama here.

'Five Pounds of Pressure' is the new short by director Liam Petite. Learn more about the film and Petite here.

Michael and Stephanie Katherine Grant are the sibling filmmakers behind the new film 'Kepley'. Learn about the film here.

Esabella Strickland is a talented actor, filmmaker, and author. Learn more about the Renaissance Girl and her latest projects here.

'Behind Closed Doors' is the latest film from director Kaitlyn Boxall. Read on to discover what makes social drama so powerful.

'Jupiter & Saturno' is the new short film by director Diego Alejandro Fuentes González. Find out what makes the drama so powerful here.

Théo Mahy is a writer, producer, and director. Learn more about Mahy and his upcoming short film 'All We Have Left' here.