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Best In Fest is a brand new podcast hosted by LAFIFF founder Leslie LaPage. Discover why the show is so essential here.

Captivate your followers on social media using an online video maker. Here's everything you need to know before setting up.

Pierce Law Group recently obtained an exemption for comedians in Los Angeles. Learn more about Pierce Law Group here.

'Persuasive' is the new short film by writer/director J. Writer Ward. Learn more about Ward and why you should check out the film here.

'Against My Will' is a new film by director Nils Lane. Learn more about the film and its star Lydie Misiek here.

Yibin 'AB' Su is an accomplished color grader for several American and Chinese films. Learn about Su and his singular style here.

Getting an indie film publicized can be tough. Here are some tips on how to properly publicize your indie film here.

Kirk Caouette is the star, writer, and director of the new crime film 'American Badger'. Learn more about the former stuntman here.

The Montreal Independent Film Festival recently announced its latest winners. Find out who took home statues here.