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Learn more about how the Academy Museum shows appreciation for the possibilities of the future while honoring the achievements of the past!

Four Takeaways From The Academy Museum

  • The space is truly stunning. From sweeping views all the way to the Hollywood Sign on the fifth floor of Dolby Family Terrace to modern infused architecture throughout, the museum leaves little to fault in the design of Renzo Piano. The revamp and additions to the Saban/May Company building are well thought out. 
  • The ever-evolving campus along Museum Row which also includes LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits, perfectly incorporates the Academy Museum leaving visitors engulfed by art, architecture, and beauty entering and exiting the museum.

    • The Oscars are more than just Best Actors and Best Pictures. While the controversy surrounding the Academy Awards is all over the news, there is an even focus across the museum putting the focus on all the arts and crafts that go into making a masterful film. Actors and filmmakers are still the main focus, but there is a newbie’s nod to other less covered elements of filmmaking.

    • Inclusion and reconciliation are present and must continue. The museum does a decent job of incorporating overlooked filmmakers and actors from the past while also acknowledging some of the wrongs done to marginalized populations. The Backdrop exhibit has an explanation of the contested and painful imagery of Mt. Rushmore or Six Grandfathers Mountain. 

    Making the main exhibit focused on an animation legend like Hayao Miyazaki lends a solid appreciation to the Academy’s international and diverse reach across all cultures. The upcoming Regeneration exhibit on African-American filmmakers is no doubt a good step in continuing the necessary road to inclusion and reconciliation.

    • More modern interactivity should be incorporated. Some might surmise that museums are outdated and borderline campy. Having exhibits and activities that connect to the modern age of content creation would be a good idea for the Academy Museum to employ in future exhibits. 

    In an era of Influencers, TikTokers, and YouTube Creators that will someday be nominated for Oscars, the museum would be wise to incorporate more social and mobile content-friendly opportunities. Brent Kado is a content creator and educator.

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