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Still talking about the last night's Super Bowl commercials? Debate about our picks for the best and worst Super Bowl commercials.

Did you miss the Super Bowl? Watch the best and worst commercials now

Did you watch all the Super Bowl commercials? If not, we’ve got a collection of some of the best & worst Super Bowl commercials of 2021 featuring your favorite stars like Mila Kunis, Mike Myers, and Will Ferrell. 

Since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansa City Chiefs, we thought we’d reminisce about the big game by looking at the most important highlights of the day – the Super Bowl commercials! Sorry Chiefs, people will be talking about this day for quite some time thanks to these memorable ads. Let’s take a look! 


Look out, Robinhood

With all the allegations against Robinhood, we were hoping for Robinhood to stay home this Super Bowl. However, this commercial just annoyed every investor in the room. Thanks Robinhood for taking the one investment we really wanted away!


Wayne’s Super Bowl 

The effort was definitely there, but the stars of Wayne’s World disappointed some diehard fans with their short Uber Eats commercial. Hopefully the audience enjoyed the Super Bowl more than the dynamic duo’s flow jokes. 



In this Super Bowl commercial, a team of astronauts are lost at sea while the space station and nearby ship is distracted by Pringles. The only problem with this commercial is that we can’t blame the happy sailors for their Pringle party. Luckily the advert clearly states: “Enjoy carefully”. 


Jimmy’s war

The long sandwich commercial with Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett. This Super Bowl commercial starts with a one-on-one lesson in the sandwich business, but ends with the “King of Cold Cuts” challenging Jimmy John’s to a sandwich war. May the best sandwich palace win!


Perfect apology

There’s nothing worse than getting called “Karen” or getting your seat kicked on a flight. Thanks to this Super Bowl commercial, M&Ms seem like the best medicine. 


“It wasn’t me”

Now this is a Super Bowl commercial! If you loved Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” before, then you’ll love Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutchers latest remix featuring the love of Cheetos! 

Feeling flat

A 2D version of Matthew McConaughey didn’t feel “alright, alright, alright” until he had a taste of the new Doritos 3D crunch. Surrounded by the Queen classic “Break Free”, McConaughey finally becomes the 3D version of himself and we can’t help but relate. Talk about a clever Super Bowl commercial


Freedom to drive

Jeep’s western commercial may be what everyone needed. Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial not only celebrated eighty years of quality cars, but presented a heartwarming message by the country singer Bruce Springsteen. 


Bud Light

The Bud Light Super Bowl commercial shows the saviors of the beverage universe! The Bud Light Legends appear out of Bud Light portals featuring Post Malone, the Bud Knight (looking similar to the Mandolorian), Cedric the Entertainer, Oracle Susana and many more. 


This way!

Thanks to the latest Consumer Electronics show, we’ve been very excited for GM’s range of electric & flying cars. But in this Super Bowl commercial, Will Ferrell recruits a highly famous team (Kenan Thompson & Awkwafina) to take down Norway because of their enormous amount of electric car sales. Don’t worry America –Will Ferrell is ready to save the day!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • These are the ads that resonated with me.

    Michelob ULTRA hits has 60 seconds of “happy” with Serena Williams, Mia Hamm, Anthony Davis, Usain Bolt, Brooks Koepka—and the old venerable guard including Billie Jean King, Arnie Palmer and Willie Mays go toe to toe with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey who reunite for Uber Eats. Jason Alexander (George Costanza in SEINFELD) for Tide “The Jason Alexander Hoodie” or I thought Pringles “Space Return” was droll and comically tragic but in an amusing way with J.David Hinze (Leopold Essence in HBO’s THE NEW POPE) in ”Space Return”, Hellmann’s Amy Schumer ad. Doritos features Mindy Kaling, Jimmy Kimmel and Matthew McConaughey.

    Eli, Peyton and Dad Archie Manning Wear Matching Pajamas in Fun Frito-Lay Super Bowl 2021 with Marshawn Lynch.

    General Motors’ “No Way Norway” with Will Ferrell was absurd and inaccurate as Will Ferrell often is and I thought it was quite funny.

    February 26, 2021

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