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The Internet has some *thoughts* about The Weeknd's Super Bowl performance. Throw shade, spill tea, and laugh at these excellent memes on it.

Did The Weeknd become the joke of Super Bowl LV? These memes say yes

Last night at Super Bowl LV, the Weeknd took the stage for the Halftime Show. With it, there was a birth of a new meme and the Internet had some thoughts about The Weeknd’s show overall. Naturally, this means that there were jokes dropped, comparisons made, and, generally, a good time had by all because we needed this uncomplicated joy in 2021. 

Let’s dive into the best memes about The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance. 

New meme! New meme! New meme! 

Behold, the newest and best meme to come out of the Super Bowl since Left Shark. 

The Weeknd’s back-up dancers cannot hurt you

Apparently, the stuff with The Weeknd’s face? It’s all part of a character that he created, but his back-up dancers looked like the underground people from Us. 

RIP to that camera operator

That poor cameraman. We’re getting dizzy & confused just thinking about it.

*squints suspiciously* 

Us, funhouses, and Thumb People from Spy Kids, why does The Weeknd want to give us all nightmares? 

Follow those mandates! 

Good job, Mr. Weeknd! 

We don’t know what to believe

Are you throwing shade, Mom? 

Time for a terror dance! 

When the must is a bop, but you’re scared to ask what’s going on.


Also, you’re brain cells when you have to come up with an on the spot excuse.

Wear your dang masks, Florida! 

It’s true. And they should say it. 

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