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People are starting to wonder if soccer star Diego Maradona's death was a suicide; here's what we know.

Did Diego Maradona commit suicide? Inside the rumors

Considered to be one of the best players of all time, Diego Maradona was an Argentine football player who died on Nov. 25 at the age of sixty at his home. Numerous outlets reported the news of his death and it was confirmed by Matias Morla, Maradona’s agent, who told the Spanish international news agency EFE. 

Sebastian Sanchi, Maradona’s spokesperson, said Maradona passed away because of a heart attack. His passing came two weeks after he was released from a hospital after brain surgery. He had been dealing with health issues and had emergency surgery for a subdural hematoma.

According to The Daily Mail, Maradona’s doctor claimed Maradona’s death was a “form of suicide” caused by depression after brain surgery.

Inside the rumors about Diego Maradona’s death

According to The Daily Mail, Dr. Alfredo Cahe treated Maradona for three decades, and stated he believes Maradona might have had cardiac arrest because he may have stopped eating or taking medication after he returned from the hospital. Maradona reportedly stayed in his bedroom for days – Cahe pointed to his behavior as a sign the football player was depressed.

He also claimed this wasn’t Maradona’s first time dealing with suicidal thoughts. According to rumors, Maradona previously attempted to take his own life. He reportedly drove his car into a bus in Cuba at one time.

Cahe claimed he talked to one of Maradona’s former girlfriends, Veronica Ojeda. Cahe said Ojeda claimed she believes Maradona was “fed up with living.”

Was Diego Maradona getting the care he needed?

Cahe also believes Maradona wasn’t receiving proper care while in the hospital for his most recent surgery. He claimed the hospital didn’t provide an adequate nursing plan and that the hospital was even neglecting him and sent him home too soon.

Several days after Maradona’s death, several news outlets reported Leopoldo Luque, Maradona’s doctor, was being investigated for involuntary manslaughter related to the sports star’s death. Argentinian news outlets showed video of police officers raiding Luque’s house & office.

However, Luque has denied any wrongdoing on his part, saying he cared for him and helped improve his life. Reportedly, Maradona was prescribed various antidepressants and antipsychotics for bipolar disorder.

Diego Maradona’s past health issues

A lot remains unknown about Maradona’s death, especially considering various people are now involved legally and are publicly announcing rumors related to his death. What isn’t hidden, however, is the history of Maradona’s previous health problems. 

For many years now, people have known about Maradona’s struggles with alcohol & drug addiction and obesity. He’s also had hospitalizations in the past to treat problems brought on by heart & respiratory issues brought on by substance abuse. He’s also had two gastric bypass surgeries.

Other news related to Diego Maradona’s death

Aside from the new rumors surrounding Maradona’s cause of death, a judge recently ruled his body “must be conserved” for a paternity test. This put a pause to the plans for cremation. The DNA test ruling came from a lawsuit filed by Magali Gil, who said Maradona could be her father. 

The court ruled a DNA sample must be taken from Maradona to determine if Gil really is his daughter. Gil was adopted and said her birth mother got in touch with her two years ago to tell her Maradona might be her dad.

Diego Maradona’s greatest accomplishments

While there are many rumors that came about after his death, people shouldn’t forget Maradona’s legacy. The football legend accomplished a lot throughout his sports career. 

One of the most notable achievements was his role in helping Argentina win the FIFA World Cup title in 1986. He received other awards and praise over several decades, and was even voted by FIFA Internet as the best soccer player of the century. His legacy will live on in the hearts of many sports fans in Argentina and around the world.

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