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Jeannie Mai is leaving 'Dancing With the Stars' to focus on her medical condition. Could this affect her net worth?

What will happen to Jeannie Mai’s net worth after her hospitalization?

Dancing With the Stars is now in the semi-finals of its twenty-ninth season. With Carole Baskin dancing to “Circle of Life” from The Lion King and a scary fall during rehearsal from Cheryl Burke, it’s certainly been a memorable season with plenty of highlights. 

Unfortunately, Jeannie Mai’s road to the finals on DWTS is coming to an end after being diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Although Mai was a fan favorite, she needs to step away for her health, sadly costing her the DWTS championship – possibly affecting her bottom line. How could needing to step away from DWTS affect her net worth? Let’s find out. 

Mai’s diagnosis

Jeannie Mai’s DWTS journey came to an abrupt early end this week after doctors discovered an illness that needed to be addressed immediately. The forty-one year old co-host of The Real was competing on the celebrity dance competition with professional dancer Brandon Armstrong. She was one of the final four contestants before her hospitalization. 

This week, Jeannie Mai was hospitalized after doctors diagnosed her with the inflammatory illness Epiglottitis. According to the Mayo clinic, Epiglottitis is a life-threatening condition that causes part of the throat, the epiglottis, to swell, constricting air flow to the lungs. It’s usually caused by an infection or injury and is treated with surgery, medication, and plenty of bedrest. 

Sad to go

Jeannie Mai shared her health update with the public in a statement to Good Morning America on Monday, expressing her devastation at having to leave DWTS while thanking fans for their support. 

“My doctors discovered a health concern with my throat which requires immediate attention and surgery. I am heartbroken that my DWTS journey has to end here,” Jeannie Mai said. “I have pushed myself to new limits physically and mentally, and I am so proud of how far we’ve come.” 

Jeannie Mai – who is engaged to rapper Jeezy – and Brandon Armstrong were fan favorites on DWTS, which airs Mondays on ABC. According to ABC, the show will still run the dance relay, but will only eliminate a single group from the competition – rather than the usual double elimination. 

Brandon Armstrong’s well wishes

Jeannie Mai’s partner, Brandon Armstrong, also shared his thoughts in a video shared by Good Morning America

“Guys, we are devastated by the news that we’re gonna have to cut this season short,” Armstrong said. “But Jeannie’s health does come first. Thank you to all the fans that have helped get us this far and we are praying for a speedy recovery from Jeannie.”

Mai’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jeannie Mai is currently worth an estimated $1 million. However, Showbiz Cheatsheet cites the host’s net worth is at $2 million due to Mai retaining ownership of her $1.2 million Los Angeles home after her 2019 divorce from then husband Freddy Harteis. The Sherman Oaks home includes furniture and artwork inside it as part of Mai’s net worth. 

Jeannie Mai is an American makeup artist, actress, fashion expert, and TV personality. Mai could be making close to a quarter of a million dollars for each season of The Real. At this moment, not much is known about Mai’s other assets, which comprises estimates of her net worth. 

With winning the DWTS competition out of the question now, Jeannie Mai is still expected to walk away with an impressive amount of money for participating in the show and going through practice & rehearsals. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to add DWTS champion to her list of accomplishments. 

While Mai will no longer be able to compete in DWTS, she will still make a comfortable amount of money from participating on the show. Despite disappointment for her, her dance partner Brandon Armstrong, and fans of DWTS, her health is the most important issue. Hopefully, she makes a full recovery so she can continue with her career. 

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