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It's official, Carole Baskin from 'Tiger King' is on 'Dancing With The Stars'! Roar with laughter at these hilarious Twitter reactions.

Carole Baskin joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’: All the best reaction memes

This just in: Season 29 of Dancing With The Stars on ABC announced its lineup. Old favorites like rapper Nelly and new sensations like Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause are slated to join. However, there’s only one appearance that can make this show purrfect for 2020.

Carole Baskin is part of the lineup. Tiger King’s animal rights activist, or hypocritical villain who may have fed her husband to the tigers depending on your perspective, is throwing on her ballroom gown and hitting the stage. 

Of course, Twitter had a field day when the news broke. We roared with laughter at some of these reactions. Here are our favorite Carole Baskin on Dancing With The Stars reactions so far. 

That would be an epic dance-off

Could it be at the end of the Tiger King sequel? 

The year that never ends

Worse, it’s so boring it does reruns of itself in the middle of the year! 

Which dance partner will they put her with? 

And will voters kick her off right away, or vote to keep her on to watch the impending trainwreck. 

Who had Carole Baskin on DWTS for September? 

We can hear whoever the Bingo guy is running the sad game that is 2020 shouting this out. 

Or she could just break out the sardine oil

Pro tip: if anyone on Dancing With The Stars smells sardine oil this season, run! 

Carole Baskin strikes us as more of a lead

We pity the poor dancer . . . 

Yes, 2020 is the worst year

We still don’t like reruns.

Wait, is Nelly on Dancing With The Stars too? 

Break out the popcorn, this will be fun to watch! 

Oh, dear! 

Will she do the TikTok dance to her own song? We’d pay to see that! 

We’d also pay to see this

Is Carole Baskin taking song requests? 

Song requests 2.0

These are also good ones.

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