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Football is perhaps the most popular global sport of the present era. Check out the five most famous footballers here.

People are starting to wonder if soccer star Diego Maradona's death was a suicide; here's what we know.

Diego Maradona had a godlike status on the football field, but off the field, it was a different story. What was he accused of?

Many soccer fans are mourning the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona. Let's take a look at his most famous play to remember him.

Soccer stars were all shook by the death of Diego Maradona. Here's how fellow soccer players reacted to the fallen soccer legend.

Diego Maradona suffered a cardiac arrest in his family home in Tigre, Argentina. Let's look back at his football career.

The latest in the list of tragic losses is football superstar Diego Maradona. Why is Twitter so confused about this tragedy?