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The U of I homicide has gotten lots of attention as of late. Learn more about the incident here.

In a new Hulu documentary, Machine Gun Kelly confesses to a failed suicide attempt while on the phone with Megan Fox. Discover all the details here.

After Cedric the Entertainer's shocking jokes at the Emmys, many believe the remarks were insensitive to Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's painful experience.

If you want to protect your family, owning a gun might actually increase some risks. Here's how to keep your family safe if you're a gun owner.

What caused Pennsylvania State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer to commit suicide on TV? Dive into the shocking story behind the tragic death.

Two brothers murdered their family and killed themselves. Read about this true crime case about depression, "The Office", gun control, and more here.

People are starting to wonder if soccer star Diego Maradona's death was a suicide; here's what we know.

Japan has a high suicide rate. Find out whether suicide is a more common cause of death than coronavirus.

Younger generations on the internet love to joke about morbid topics, but is it cathartic or a sign of far deeper problems?