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Was the U of I incident homicide or murder-suicide?

Learning centers are classic targets for serial killers. School shootings is already an official term that refers to an event where a student commits murder or injures their classmates at an educational institution. U of I recently presented a case that involved the death of four victims. While several incidents can be confused from homicide to murder-suicide, all point out that this case was a deliberate homicide.

The four U of I students were found slaughtered in an off-campus house on a November Sunday. All victims were stabbed to death, the coroner revealed that it looks like they were sleeping in bed while it happened. It looks like not even our beds are safe spaces anymore, but what are the reasons behind a homicide like this? Here’s all you need to know about U of I’s latest homicide incident. 

Although students were found at an off-campus house for the weekend, this definitely concerns the University of Idaho since they were part of that institution. U of I students remained terrified after this brutal event. University President C. Scott Green announced a week after the murder that students did not wish to return to campus till there was an arrest. 

U of I’s shocking details

Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were brutally murdered in the first hours of November 13th. Kaylee and  Madison Mogen who were also best friends were twenty-one, and Xana Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, were barely twenty.  According to evidence, a fixed-blade knife was the homicide weapon used by an intruder that killed them around three in the morning.

Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt has given several shocking details about the murder. However, it looks like there’s a lack of progress in the police department, nonetheless, the grieving families are confident in getting justice. The coroner wouldn’t confirm if all victims were found in separate areas, but it’s a fact that the bodies were found in beds.

According to the coroner, bodies presented multiple stab wounds on them but there was a particular one that played as the lethal stab wound. According to Mabbutt, the fatal ones were to the chest area, and the upper body area, yet, the killings were “fast and nobody felt “that kind of pain.” These are the only comforting facts the victim’s parents were told. 

All victims’ families are obviously devastated since they sent their kids to college and they never came back. Meanwhile, the killer or killers remain in total freedom and unidentified. A “large knife”  that was used as a homicidal weapon, has yet to be recovered by cops. Despite huge resources from Moscow police & FBI officers, there’s no significant evidence about the murderer

Case evidence & testimonies 

A Mogen’s sorority sister mentioned that the evening was just regular with no apparent conflicts about to happen some hours after, her friend was brutally slain. According to police, Mogen left a bar they were in around 1:30 a.m. with Kaylee Goncalves and even made a food truck stop before returning to the place they were staying. 

Video footage obtained by The Post showed forensic investigators examining the crime scene. The whole team is dusting windows looking for fingerprints and walked through the interior, yet, it wasn’t a successful investigation. Law enforcement has also been spotted in a wooded area near this home. Let’s hope for 2023 to be the year when unsolved cases finally get attention.

Unfortunately, this kind of incident has been something hyper-common in American history. Nonetheless,  the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, in 1999 made this issue visible enough. During this attack, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold who were also students killed thirteen people before killing themselves. For this reason, many school homicides tend to be a murder-suicide. 

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