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Reality TV still has a touch of truth to it – like how much having to stop filming 'RuPaul’s Drag Race UK' sucked for the queens. Here's why.

“Miss Rona is a bi-otch”: What ‘Drag Race UK’ queens did in quarantine

Reality TV still has a touch of truth to it – like how much having to stop filming RuPaul’s Drag Race UK sucked for the remaining queens. March put the world at a stand-still, including the werkroom. While most of our queens return to the werkroom this week, we’re still wondering what they spent their quarantine doing. 

Did they binge all the same Netflix shows as us, or did they actually do something interesting? The girls shared some tea when they came back, but we already know what they were doing on social media. Here’s the tea on what the ladies were doing at home thanks to Miss Rona. 

Tayce & A’Whora

As Lawrence Chaney put it, “How’s that sexual tension?” The two queens have a history together to begin with, so it’s not super surprising the two felt comfortable living together. Over quarantine, Tayce & A’Whora moved into a flat together. Considering the two continue to have a great relationship on screen together, we’re going to assume everything is okay. 

Ellie Diamond

We already heard about Ellie Diamond’s life in the drive thru between shows. So it’s no surprise she found herself back in that job when lockdown came about. Unlike the English girls, Scotland stayed locked down tight. Our Scotish queens had to find other ways to sustain themselves. 

As she & Lawrence told Ru back in episode 3, drag isn’t a sustainable career in Scotland. If you want to do drag, you have to find other means to support yourself and get the money to make your lewks. 

Lawrence Chaney

Lawrence doesn’t tell us too much tea in the episode, but it’s clear quarantine wasn’t easy on her either. She told her fellow Drag Race UK queens she lives with another drag queen in her flat, and the two were struggling after COVID cancelled all their performance opportunities. We can assume based off Ellie’s story Lawrence struggled with Scotland’s tight lockdown restrictions as well. 

Sister Sister

New face, who dis? It seems like Sister Sister used the Drag Race UK hiatus to get more than just some new material. Smiling with her new set of teeth, the queens couldn’t help but notice the werk Sister got done. 

Respect to her tho. People are always shamed for getting plastic surgery but if you feel more comfortable afterwards, isn’t it worth it? Let people fix their insecurities if they so choose without shaming them for it! Literally Mama Ru tells you to make sure you love yourself first, and that’s exactly what Sister did. Screw these other Drag Race UK queens for getting on her about it. 

Bimini Bon-Boulash

Bimini’s speaking what we all need to hear. In her first confessional after lockdown, she told us, “It’s weird being back in the werkroom because when lockdown first happened, we thought it was gonna be a few weeks. It ended up being seven months. Miss Rona is a b!tch.” 

Girl, we all get you. Thankfully Bimini did admit when things opened back up for a short period, she was able to start working again. Of course, don’t think for a second that means taking a trip to Cancun right now is a good idea. 

Tia Kofi

Last and certainly least, Tia offered us no tea on how she spent her quarantine. All she said is she’s less neurotic & nervous than before. She’s got plenty of time to read Sister Sister and all her changes though.

Veronica Green

As you already know, Veronica sadly was taken out of the running for season 2 after testing positive for COVID-19. Catching COVID is no joke, but hopefully we’ll happily get to see Veronica in season 3 of Drag Race UK. We’ll have more tea with Veronica tomorrow as we talk to her about her diagnosis and what her drag future holds. 

Cherry Valentine

It may seem stupid to mention Cherry, as she only returned for a moment in this episode to be voted back into the Drag Race UK competition. But Cherry works as a mental health nurse and worked through the COVID-19 pandemic. She returned to the frontline when the pandemic started back up.

But don’t think Cherry stopped serving lewks just because she was working like crazy. When talking with Pink News, Cherry called drag “a lifeline” for her throughout all of this. “I would come home from a crazy shift, slap a face on and feel my fantasy and pick that back up, so it really has helped.”

Drag Race UK airs Thursdays on BBC Three in the UK and on WOWPresents Plus in the U.S. and other select territories.

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