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Obsessed with 'The Witcher'? Toss a coin to your LARP group, book a flight to Poland, and spend the weekend living like you're in the show.

‘The Witcher’: Did Poland open a school based on this show?

A Polish company has unveiled a three-day intensive LARP-ing (that’s Live Action Role Play for you non-nerdy folk) experience based on The Witcher series. For the most die-hard fans of the series & characters, now is the time to go to Poland (actually, maybe wait and see about this Delta variant, but . . . backburner). 

In conjunction with the three-day LARP, the Polish company is also putting on events at various castle locations in Poland, which are being branded as Witcher School. So it isn’t actually a literal Witcher School being opened per se, but there will be an opportunity to play at learning the tools of Geralt’s Witcher trade. 

The Witcher is huge in Poland, partly thanks to its creator, Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Not only are Polish castles hosting classes based on The Witcher, but there are now trees in Poland named after characters from the series. The Witcher events have actually been carried out pretty regularly for the last six years, orchestrated by dedicated fans, without official licensing or funding. 

Now, a Polish company that specializes in LARPing events has made it legit. 


Witcher Classes

So what would a Witcher class look like? Participants actually learn some practical, real-life skills, including archery and how to survive in the outdoors. Then, there’s also monster hunting, in case you forgot that this is still very much a LARPing event. The monsters being hunted will be real people in costume, so please, if you plan on attending, do remember not to get too carried away. 

The Witcher School will also feature continuing storylines. Remember that Harry Potter app that everyone was all about a couple of years ago? Where you could play as a student at Hogwarts and solve mysteries? For this, think Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but in real life and in a Polish castle. 

This looks to be a really fun experience for people who’ve derived a lot of joy from The Witcher series & games. Not only do you show up in character, with a setting designed to evoke the world of The Witcher, but the people putting on the event and guiding participants through it all will be in character as well, making for a fully immersive experience. 


It’s also been reported that the event will feature the opportunity for fans to interact with characters from The Witcher series. No, you won’t get to meet Henry Cavill (probably, right?) but there will be people dressed up and in character as these well-known characters. Think Disneyland but the park never shuts down at night. 

Don’t worry about a costume, either (although, perhaps if you’re super married to the one you already have, an exception can be made?). The event coordinators will provide costumes for participants. 

Witcher Trees

Last year, a group of kids enamored with The Witcher series and video games put together a proposal to the Ostroleka town council, proposing that the historic trees located in the city be named after characters from The Witcher

This year, the decision was finalized, and the trees have officially been given names inspired by characters from The Witcher series and games. 

The names given to the super old trees include Ciri (the powerful girl Geralt is destined to protect), Geralt of Rivia (you know, the main character played by Henry Cavill, The Witcher himself), Jasker (the guy who follows Geralt around with a guitar), Regis (a vampire from one of The Witcher books), Triss Merigold (a witch),  and Yennefer of Vengeberg (the witch fans followed as the main character in season 1 of the show).

This marks the first names the trees have been given officially. 

Would you go to a three day intensive LARPing event based on the characters and world of The Witcher? Does Poland have the best Witcher fans? Let us know!

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