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People get into crime for strange and unexpected reasons. Here's a breakdown of the most weird true crime cases we could find.

How did this happen? The weirdest reasons people got involved in crime

Usually when someone commits a crime, they have some sort of motive that fits the bill. Crimes of passion usually have motives rooted in deep emotions such as revenge, jealousy, fear, or rage. When people are so deeply caught up with these emotions, they don’t even consciously realize they are committing crimes some of the time. 

In other instances, people like to use this emotional rationale as an excuse for why they did what they did. What makes us scratch our heads in confusion more than anything else is when people choose to commit crimes without valid motives that actually make sense. These are some of the most bizarre reasons people got involved in crime.

Kevon Watkins murdered his sister over the Wi-Fi password

The case of Kev0n Watkins is disturbing in the most bizarre way. Watkins wanted to change the Wi-Fi password at the home he shared with his sister & mother so he could play video games uninterrupted. 

He got in an argument with his mother about it and when his sister, Alexus, tried to intervene he began tussling with her in a physical brawl. She ended up in a fifteen-minute chokehold and ultimately passed away due to lack of oxygen. He’s currently in prison for his crime.

Fergus Glen murdered his brother over a “Thank you”

Fergus Glen cooked Thanksgiving dinner for his brother in 2003 and found himself getting increasingly pissed off when his brother didn’t say “thank you” for the meal. Fergus’s older brother, Craig, was going through a recent separation from his wife and obviously had a lot of things on his mind. He ended up getting hacked to death with an ax by the time dinner was over. 

Robert Lyons murdered someone over Avril Lavigne tickets

Robert Lyons was so obsessed with the idea of seeing Avril Lavigne in concert back in 2008, he was insistent on getting concert tickets to see her show. His mother, Linda Belok, had connections to possibly get him free skybox seats but when she refused to call in the favor for him, he totally lost it. 

Realizing he wasn’t going to be able to see Leavine in concert was enough to make him stab his mother in the back nine times. He is currently serving forty years in prison.

Brenda Spencer murdered people because of her disdain for Mondays

Nobody really likes Mondays because they’re the start to a brand new work week, but that doesn’t mean you should go on a killing spree. Brenda Spencer took the Christmas gift she got from her father, which was a rifle, and shot eight children and three adults outside of Cleveland elementary school in San Diego, California. When she was arrested, she explained, “I just don’t like Mondays . . . I did this because it’s a way to cheer up the day.” It simply sounds like she’s a sociopath.

Alexandra Tobias murdered her baby over a video game

Twenty-two-year-old Alexandra Tobias found herself utterly obsessed with a video game called Farmville. It’s a farming simulation game available on Facebook that’s been growing in popularity over the years. She was so honed in on the game that when her baby started crying, she began shaking him violently until he stopped breathing. She was arrested for the murder of her infant child.

Franklin Paul Crew murdered his roommate over toilet paper

Franklin Paul Crow lost his patience with his roommate upon discovering that they had run out of toilet paper in the bathroom. He was so upset at the lack of toilet paper that things ended in murder. His roommate, Kenneth Matthews, was the first to pull a weapon when he grabbed his rifle, but Crow was quick on his feet. He ended up fracturing Matthews’s skull. He’s currently serving 22.5 years in prison.

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