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As over a hundred people came forward to claim membership in Jeffrey Epstein’s family. Here's everything you need to know.

Jeffrey Epstein’s family is huge: 130 people claim he’s their father

Where there’s a large estate, biological children crop up from the woodwork to claim it. Jeffrey Epstein is no exception, as over a hundred people came forward to claim membership in Epstein’s family. Specifically, that he was the one who fathered him.  It’s not surprising given the former multimillionaire’s hefty estate. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s will

Jeffrey Epstein was worth over $500 million when he died. He left behind a bunch of real estate including a private island, a mansion in Manhattan, a Paris apartment, and his infamous mansion in Palm Beach. He also had a private jet, a bunch of cars, and more money than most people will ever see in their lifetime. 

Since Jeffrey Epstein had no known children, he left his fortune to his only known living family member, his brother Mark. However, multiple victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation are also suing the estate for damages which could decrease Mark’s portion significantly. 

However, who benefits from this massive fortune could change if Jeffrey Epstein had unknown family members. If legitimate heirs come forward, they can be eligible for a cliche of the pie. How much they would be entitled to depends on how many of them there are.

A DNA company set up a site looking for possible members of Jeffrey Epstein’s family. Not only did the 130 people come forward claiming to he Epstein’s biological children, but hundreds more came forward with leads to more children Epstein may have fathered. Interestingly, most of the claimants are from the UK. 

However, not all claims to the Epstein family are convincing. The site told reporters that only a quarter of cases are ones they would consider as possible. The rest are likely people looking for a cash grab from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. 

Another DNA site claims that over 300 people have come forward claiming to be Jeffrey Epstein’s biological children. The most bizarre claim is that Epstein could be a grandparent. 

Is it possible? 

Given Jeffrey Epstein’s promiscuity, it’s possible he fathered biological children that no one knows about. The government even looked into whether Epstein had unknown family members as part of their investigation. If a case from the DNA site looks extremely likely, they plan to ask the US government for a DNA sample to test. 

Did any of Epstein’s victims have his children? 

It’s not known if any of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims carried a child fathered by him. In Filthy Rich, it’s noted that one of the victims was asked to surrogate for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to increase their family size, but according to her, she escaped before Epstein could impregnate her. 

If any of the victims have Jeffrey Epstein’s biological children, none of them have come forward to claim Epstein’s estate. They are suing for compensation for the way they were treated, but not for child support or part of the estate. 

What happens if Epstein fathered heirs? 

If Epstein fathered heirs, they could receive full inheritance rights to Jeffrey Epstein’s estate according to New York probate law. That is, what’s remaining after taxes and any compensatory damages paid to Epstein’s victims. If multiple children are in the Epstein family, they would have to split the inheritance.

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