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In the muggy air & brackish swamp waters of Florida is where Florida Man thrives. Here are some insane Florida Man memes.

Florida Man: Memes to make you happy you don’t live there

In the muggy air & brackish swamp waters of Florida is where Florida Man thrives. Here, Florida Man can frolic amongst the alligators and dream up new ludicrous stunts for future headlines. 

But let’s be honest, Florida isn’t for everyone and Florida Man’s Florida is exclusively for Florida Man. We prefer our fast food restaurants to be alligator-free, to walk down the street unthreatened by machetes & pasta sauce, and our parking lots to not be an MMA smackdown zone. Florida Man memes make us appreciate the simple things in life. For anyone considering a move down south, take a peek at these Florida man memes

Swan song

If swans aren’t safe from Florida Man what makes you think you will be? 

Please let it go

Every Florida Target is probably haunted by the souls of misused stuffed animals. 

Why is this wet? 

Apparently he spent the entire time trying to determine whether the doorknob tasted like “snozzberries”.

Unlikely vape juice flavors

We’ll never look at a vape cloud the same way again. 

Flying squirrel attack

Why does everything in Florida try to attack you? 

It’s called logic

Florida Man, standing up for women’s rights whenever most convenient for him. 

What’s the worst thing you can think of? 

Not even his bond with the alligators is sacred to Florida Man. 

Shotty writing

Florida Man has literally jumped the shark.

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