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How filthy rich was Jeffrey Epstein? Take a look at our recap of the Jeffrey Epstein case and refresh your knowledge of his crimes.

Was Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich? Inside his history of alleged abuse

New York billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July, 2019 on various sex trafficking charges, some of which were related to minors. It wasn’t the first time Epstein was arrested for similar charges, but it was certainly the last. Epstein killed himself in his cell while he was awaiting trial. 

Epstein allegedly had a little help operating his sex trafficking scandal. His former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 on several charges connected to Epstein’s case. She is currently awaiting trial in a New York prison. Maxwell has also faced several civil proceedings related to the same matters. 

Currently, several documentaries exist which document the allegations and subsequent charges brought against Epstein, including a Netflix Original titled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Journey with us as we revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s sordid crimes. 

The 2008 conviction

In 2005, the mother of a fourteen-year-old Floridian girl contacted the Palm Beach police department in Florida. She told police that her teenage daughter, a minor at the time, was escorted to the mansion of Jeffrey Epstein where she was paid $300.00 to take off her clothes and massage Epstein. 

This kicked off an investigation into Epstein that spanned over a year. They tailed his movements and they searched his home. Eventually, they obtained enough evidence to prove that Epstein’s sex trafficking ring consisted of at least five victims at the time, with more currently being investigated. Several of these girls were under the age of sixteen. 

In May 2006, the Palm Beach police department filed a probate cause affidavit requesting Epstein be charged with four counts of unlawful sex with minors and one account of sexual abuse. The prosecution did not present all the evidence, however, and the grand jury only returned one charge of felony solicitation of a prostitute. 

Epstein eventually pleaded guilty to one charge of procuring prostitution of a minor and was sentenced to eighteen months in prison. As part of the deal, Epstein negotiated a non-prosecution agreement which granted any current or future co-conspirators that might be named immunity from prosecution. Among those names were Ghislaine Maxwell and attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Despite the nature of his conviction, Epstein did not serve his time in federal prison. During his thirteen months inside, Epstein was granted “work leave” where he was able to leave the prison facilities during the day for work purposes. 

The 2019 arrest

On July 6, 2019, authorities stormed Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse where they retrieved photographic evidence tallying in the hundreds of Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking crimes. Among the collection were pornographic photos of underage girls. Epstein was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex. 

Just a few weeks later, on July 23, Epstein was found semiconscious on the floor of his cell. His neck sported marks that were consistent with either a suicide attempt, or an assault. His cellmate was questioned in relation to the incident but denied any involvement. He later died and his death was ruled a suicide. 


Little Saint James – Orgy Island

Since Epstein’s arrest, several women have come forward accusing Epstein of trafficking them out to Epstein’s rich and powerful friends at his private residence in the Caribbean. According to the allegations, notable figures such as Prince Andrew & Les Wexner are among the implicated. 

Also known to have visited the island and spent time with Epstein while he was there include high-profile names such as former President Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking & Alan Dershowitz. 

Attorneys for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein allege they were lured to the private island and forced into non-consensual sexual situations during their time there. Once on the island, these women were unable to leave until Epstein escorted them out via means of his private jet. 

Ghislaine Maxwell

Several women have come forward, including Virginia Roberts Guiffre, accusing Ghislaine Maxwell of recruiting them into Epstein’s sordid sex trafficking ring. Several of the victims, including Roberts Guiffre, were minors at the time of their recruitment. 

The majority of the victims were young girls who came from underprivileged circumstances. They were often lured by Maxwell at the promise of making quick money to Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach. They were brainwashed and forced into situations they didn’t know how to escape. 

Virginia Roberts Guiffre brought civil charges against Maxwell regarding this very issue. Although the matter was heard in court, Maxwell settled with Roberts Guiffre outside the judicial system. During these proceedings Roberts Guiffre said Epstein trafficked her out to Prince Andrew and forced her to have sex with him twice. Buckingham Palace denies the allegations. 

Maxwell is currently awaiting trial in a New York prison. No charges have currently been filed against any of the other wealthy men named throughout this case. 

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