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Casey Anthony is going to open an investigation business. Find out what the former murder suspect is up to now.

What’s Casey Anthony doing now? Inside her new business venture

Casey Anthony is going to live out the rest of her days in infamy, but her reputation hasn’t stopped her from pursuing business ventures. The former murder suspect has launched a private investigation business in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The business is called Case Researching & Consulting Services, LLC and it specializes in missing persons & unsolved cases. This line of work is particularly unsettling, given that Anthony was accused (and ultimately acquitted) of killing her daughter Caylee in 2011.

Here’s what you need to know about Casey Anthony’s new business venture:

Launching the business

Fox News stated that Case Researching & Consulting Services was filed as a business on December 14, 2020, and went into effect on January 1. Anthony will be partnering with Patrick McKenna, a veteran detective who she met during her murder trial. McKenna was the lead investigator for Anthony’s defense team, and was previously a lead on the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

Anthony and McKenna have reportedly been living together in South Florida, and she has worked for McKenna in an unofficial capacity. Daily Mail claimed that Anthony has conducted social media research and other investigative work in an attempt to learn the ropes from McKenna.

High profile cases

Anthony hinted at her business aspiration during a 2017 interview with Associated Press. She claimed that because she was convicted in the public eye before her trial started, she is uniquely qualified to work legal cases. “If they are guilty or innocent, it doesn’t matter,” she stated. “They deserve to have their day in court; they deserve to have the actual facts laid out to the potential jury.”

Anthony also commented on her friendship with McKenna, and the ways in which his handling of the O.J. Simpson trial paralleled her own. “We were both two high-profile cases where there were a lot of distorted facts,” she claimed. “I’ve gone through the files and can say independently without just being biased, the timeline doesn’t make sense.”

McKenna has not publicly commented on Case Researching & Consulting Services, LLC.

Failed photographer

Casey Anthony tried to start her own photography business in 2016. She made a Twitter account for her company, dubbed Case Photography LLC, but she decided to shut down the account when her messages were flooded with questions about her murder trial.

Radar Online reported that Anthony was criticized for her photography venture, since it would allow her to work with families and children. The main focus of the business was to photograph weddings and private shoots.

Based on the name of the new investigation business, it seems as though Anthony has repurposed the name of this failed photography venture.

Other business ventures

Casey Anthony has other business ventures in the works. She’s been working on a film about her life titled As I Was Told, which was meant to offer her perspective on Caylee’s disappearance. 

The film was described as being “racy” and “sexually explicit” in regards to Anthony’s love life, and was going to depict how she got pregnant with Caylee, but it was scrapped due to scheduling conflicts and the spread of COVID-19.

“It just hasn’t really gotten off the ground”, a source told People. “And then COVID-19 became a thing & stopped any momentum that the film had. It’s effectively dead”. The was originally scheduled for release in 2020, but is now considered to be scrapped.

A second source told the outlet that Anthony still wants to get her side of the story to the public. “Just because the film isn’t happening doesn’t mean that she’s not looking for a way to talk about her life”, they warned. “But it probably won’t be this film”.

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