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Casey Anthony was once the most hated woman in America. Find out what the former tabloid staple is doing now.

Is Casey Anthony in even more trouble now? Discover the details

The name Casey Anthony is a name imprinted in the public consciousness. The charges filed against her and the highly-publicized trial that followed were considered absolutely appalling by many. 

Caylee Anthony, a girl almost three years of age, was missing for an entire month but her mother didn’t report her missing. Many made their minds up about Casey Anthony long before her trial date. It just looked too suspicious for a mother not to be concerned about her child, or at the very least, not appear concerned. 

The results of Casey Anthony’s trial shocked everyone who was following the case. Even now, many curl their lips at the thought of Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony herself has had to move on with her life knowing countless strangers revile her. It was in 2008 that she was arrested. Now, in 2020, Casey Anthony has reportedly had another run-in with the law.

Before we discuss the now of Casey Anthony’s life, here’s a trial recap 

Just in case your memory is a little fuzzy as to why Casey Anthony became such an infamous person, here’s a little recap to remind you why the headlines once plastered her name from here to kingdom come. 

Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. After Caylee’s grandmother Cindy hadn’t seen Caylee for thirty-one days, she reported her missing to the police. A key factor in Cindy’s decision was the fact that Casey’s car smelled like a dead body. 

Cadaver dogs & forensic investigators would later rule Cindy’s suspicions correct. Then Caylee’s body was found dumped in the woods on December 11, 2008. Although Casey Anthony was only arrested for child neglect at first, she began to be under suspicion for homicide. 

Casey Anthony tried fibbing that the reason she had never reported Caylee missing was because she thought Caylee had been kidnapped by a nanny and was too afraid to report it. Other suspicious facts about the case surfaced, like a search for chloroform on Casey Anthony’s computer. In the end though, the jury ruled Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. 

They felt Casey Anthony had not been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense claimed that Casey Anthony had panicked after Caylee drowned in the family pool. She allegedly then made the bad decision to bury Caylee because of her own dysfunctional childhood.  

Casey Anthony was charged with four misdemeanors counts for providing false information to law enforcement. She served four years in prison total and was fined $1000 for each count. 

What’s Casey Anthony up to now? 

Casey Anthony’s most recent activities are much less disquieting than what she was up to in 2008. She has allegedly moved in with one of the private investigators from her defense team, Pat McKenna. Casey Anthony also announced quite a while ago that she’s making a movie about her daughter’s death entitled As I Was Told. The movie, designed to tell her side of the story, was supposed to come out in 2020. 

As with many films, As I Was Told’s schedule has been slowed down COVID-19. According to a source close to Casey Anthony, the film is still stuck in the pre-production phase and is going to be a low-grade movie. People were once clamoring over the fact that Casey Anthony announced there would be sex scenes in the movie.

The movie is supposed to include a depiction of Casey Anthony’s life before Caylee’s birth & death, which explains why sex scenes would be included. Casey Anthony was known to be quite the party girl and erotic encounters were part of her life. Of course, Casey Anthony also knows that sex sells, so she probably hopes this will help persuade people to view what she has to say about the death of her daughter. 

Suspected homicide then, speeding tickets now?

Movie aside, The New York Post reported that Casey Anthony has gotten into trouble with the law once again. No, another homicide investigation is not under way. It’s a much more tame crime than that. She was caught speeding in West Palm Beach on January 25, 2020. 

Usually people are caught committing traffic violations earlier in the month of January, but we guess Casey Anthony didn’t get the memo. She was going almost twenty miles per hour above the speed limit: sixty-nine miles per hour in a fifty miles per hour zone. 

Unlike her previous encounters with law enforcement, Casey Anthony pleaded guilty to the offense. She paid a $256 fine for the speeding violation committed in her blue Ford Escape.

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  • At least she pleaded guilty to that!!!! We all know she killied little Cayle Marie and got AWAY with that because we live in moronic society of people who obviously don’t understand bad and good!!! Wrong, or right. Plain IDIOCRACY!!!!

    March 17, 2021

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