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Want to check out some new thrillers? If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can make some popcorn and stream these movies right now.

Find your next movie night thrill with these options on Amazon Prime

There are so many excellent movies on Prime to watch and because of that, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. There are thousands of choices to pick from within every single genre & category from horror, to romance, to action. New movies on Prime that have just been added to their lineup might not be as well known or talked about quite yet, but they still have the potential to be the perfect movie night thrill. 

Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking is one of those movies that matches its title fairly well – it’s quite chaotic. The premise focuses on a man named Todd who has been led to believe that the entire female gender has been killed off by some type of deadly germ infestation. He ends up having to run away from all he knows and he discovers a living girl. He is shocked to see her alive & well, but it turns his entire world upside down. 

Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is the perfect kid-friendly movie for the entire family to enjoy. It’s based in the fictional fantasy land of Kumandra, a world where human beings & dragons live life side-by-side in peace. The harmony of the species living & functioning together every day is simply the norm – until a haunting group of monsters decides to attack.

The Druun are monsters who forced the dragons to sacrifice themselves 500 years prior. Now that they have returned, there is no one left to fight back against them except for one brave warrior. Raya and the Last Dragon is one of many movies that’s also available on Disney Plus.

The Little Things

The hunt for a serial killer becomes an obsession for a sheriff & sergeant who decide to team up for a difficult case. The trail of murders is getting longer & scarier across the city of Los Angeles. Investigating the serial killer’s activities leads the sheriff down a dark path with issues from his past resurfacing. The Little Things is a must-see movie on Prime for people who enjoy seeing justice served.

Death Saved My Life

Anyone taking a glance at Jade’s family life would think she has it all. Death Saved My Life explains how even the most picture-perfect familial units aren’t always doing as amazingly as the public might think. 

The main character, Jade, is successful in her marketing career and married to a man who is highly well respected. They share a lovely daughter together who seems to be perfectly happy. The truth? They have one too many shady secrets going on behind closed doors.

Wrong Turn 

Wrong Turn is an intense horror movie on Prime that depicts any hiker’s worst nightmare. The movie is about a group of outdoorsy individuals who decide to take a hike in a new area they aren’t familiar with. 

Instead of following the warning signs and avoiding certain paths, they trek on in the direction they want to see. They end up stumbling into a dangerous community filled with mountain dwellers who are willing to use excessive force to take down anyone who disrupts their way of life.


Salma Hayek & Owen Wilson are the leading actors in Bliss, a romantic movie on Prime about two individuals who think they’ve cracked the code on life. They believe they are living in a simulated reality and realize they have the freedom to do literally anything in life they want. 

He starts out feeling unfulfilled and she comes across as mysterious. After they come together, they must decide how they want to move forward with their newfound enlightenment. 

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Time travel stories are perfect when they’ve got love stories added to the mix. The main character, Mark, is trying not to lose his mind after getting stuck in a time loop where the same day repeats over & over again. Each new day, he tries something wild or reckless to distract himself from his repetitive reality. 

Eventually, Mark crosses paths with a girl named Margaret who is stuck in the same time loop as him. They seek out “tiny perfect things” around their city and try to pay attention to the beauty of their circumstances. 

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