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'Raya and the Last Dragon' hit Disney+, but few people want to pay to watch the movie. Save by seeing where else you can watch this fiery film.

It’s getting hot in here: Watch ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ for free now

Raya and the Last Dragon hit Disney+ and theatres on March 5. With a 94% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film looks to be another smash hit for Disney. Between the gorgeous animation, rich worldbuilding, and excellent cast, it’s not surprising that Raya and the Last Dragon has absolutely dominated. Of course, however, there are issues in seeing the film. 

Due to COVID, no one wants to go to theatres because, you know, enclosed spaces for a long period of time to watch movies with strangers. Many are going to Disney+ to watch the film, but people don’t want to shell out that extra money in order to watch the movie, which means we go to the grand ol’ tradition of free streaming sites. Here’s where you can stream Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon for free.


A longstanding movie website, we would eat our collective computers if Raya and the Last Dragon isn’t on here. Sure, the original 123Movies was shut down in 2018, clone sites still exist offering the same quality rips of films as the original 123Movies. Just know if you go on one of these sites, it’s not the real 123Movies. Either way, someone has *definitely* already got a quality rip of the newest Disney film.


PopcornTime is an app that’s perfect if you want to stream free movies on your appleTV or Amazon Firestick. Using that famous BitTorrent, the app has a variety of films & shows to choose from. Searching for something specific like Raya and the Last Dragon?  Using the search function on the app is a breeze, thankfully. So you should be able to see if the latest Disney film is available to view on there.


Note of warning before going forward! If you Google this streaming site, then make sure you only click on the one with the address. Otherwise, it may be real bad, real quick for your poor computer or whatever you’re using to stream. A mixture of old & new, this site is perfect for finding new things to watch for free. We’re betting you can find Raya and the Last Dragon on here. has been around for a while with a very good reason. This long-standing free streaming site frequently updates and pretty much offers, like, any & every film you can think of. Films as far as the elf eyes of Legolas can see here, people! Raya and the Last Dragon is definitely available for streaming on here, which you can settle in and enjoy.

Use a friend’s account

Netflix may be cracking down on using other people’s accounts. Disney+, as far as we know, has no such measures. While Raya and the Last Dragon is about thirty dollars to stream on Disney+ with Premier Access, you can see if a friend or family member spent the money for it. And if they did? See if they’ll let you use their account to watch it. Sharing streaming passwords is like a rite of passage anyway.

And if not? See if you can set up a movie night on Zoom or something! There’s a way to, well, not use loved ones, but get them to help you in your quest to stream Raya and the Last Dragon. Because what is love when you can’t stream movies on your friend’s streaming accounts, you know? That’s where the real love is people. That’s where the real love is.

Have you watched Raya and the Last Dragon? Which free streaming sites would be the best to view the movie? Or are you already logging into your loved one’s Disney+ account to watch? 

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