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We all loved to watch ‘Shadowhunters’. Let’s revisit the most iconic moments involving Valentine and Jonathan.

Watch ‘Shadowhunters’: Valentine and Jonathan’s most dastardly moments

Shadowhunters’s villains are in a whole different league. Villains can make or break their hero counterparts. Valentine (Alan van Sprang) and Jonathan (Luke Baines) prove to be worthy foes throughout their time on Shadowhunters. Clary goes head to head with both and won but that doesn’t mean they didn’t cause damage along the way.

Alan van Sprang gave everyone the villain of a lifetime with his performance as the diabolical Valentine. And Luke Baines is no exception. It’s no surprise that this duo is revealed in Shadowhunters also to be father and son. Valentine – as the root of everyone’s drama, Shadowhunters and downworlders alike – must be awarded the crown for Villain of all Villains. 

Valentine and Jonathan share many dastardly moments in Shadowhunters, and we must therefore shed some light on those. Tweet us @FilmDailyNews with your favorite inimical tidbits from Valentine and Jonathan Morganstern.

Valentine is the wrong kind of scientist

Valentine dabbled in experiments from a young age, and not too long before he met a gruesome end at the hand of one of his experiments – Clary. When Valentine was young, he experimented with downworlder and demon blood to improve himself as a Shadowhunter. This led to a life of obsession

Valentine even went as low as to experiment on his unborn children. Jonathan was injected with demon blood and Clary with angel blood. Talk about daddy issues. Their fate was sealed before they were even born, due to their manic father. 

Murder is second nature for Jonathan

This has serial killer vibes all over it. Giving Jeffrey Dahmer a run for his money, Jonathan’s demon blood lends him a need to kill. Jonathan began his murder spree by killing and skinning a werewolf and then bringing the pelt back as a trophy for his father Valentine. We’d much rather have macaroni art.

Experiments appear to run in the family. Jonathan ended up murdering a young child just to see if a 30ft drop from a bridge could cause death. Short answer: yup. We wouldn’t want a playdate with young Jonathan.

Valentine changes Luke’s DNA

It’s revealed that Luke was born and bred as a Shadowhunter. Cue the gasps. However, Valentine grew jealous of Luke & Jocelyn, and sought to destroy their relationship. Valentine and Luke were once parabatais, but this connection was severed when Valentine allowed the demon blood in his system to get the best of him and lured Luke out. Luke, completely oblivious about his fate, entered a barn and Valentine locked the door. 

Werewolves await Luke and attack him, leaving Luke no longer a Shadowhunter but a werewolf. Guess these former parabatais won’t be sending each other Christmas cards.

Kidnapping & identity theft

Jonathan certainly knows how to make an entrance. Shadowhunters is full of twists and mindblowing reveals. One of the biggest is when who we assume to be English Shadowhunter Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor) is in fact someone else entirely.

After kidnapping the real Sebastian, organizing a fake attack on Izzy only to save the day, and then gaining access to the Institute, it seems no one can blow fake Sebastian’s cover. Sebastian’s cousin Aline visits the New York Institute, but he quickly gets rid of this problematic relative.

Given how flirty Sebastian is during his and Clary’s chats, it’s quite awkward to look back on. Incest is not best – but we guess demons don’t teach that in Edom Elementary.

Valentine = Parent goals

Valentine likes to mix things up during his time on Shadowhunters. The Circle ringleader poses as Jace’s father when Jace finds him. Using a rune, Valentine hides his true identity – and it isn’t the first time. Jace’s real parents were killed and Valentine took Jace in (after banishing is real son to Edom) and posed as his father, Michael Wayland. 

Valentine raised Jace while injecting him with angel blood and killing beloved pets. (Definitely not a nurturing household.) Jace was left to assume his father died in a fire and was taken under the wing of the Lightwoods. It shocked everyone when Jace finds a scared Michael Wayland hidden in Valentine’s lair. After years of alleged abuse, the father and son duo are so happy to be reunited.

Little does Jace – it’s actually Valentine. A showdown occurs and Clary sees through the ruse. Before Valentine gets away, he admits that he is actually Jace’s biological father – meaning Clace are related. (Luckily for us this is later revealed to be yet another lie. Valentine sure is good at putting folks on.)

Even more kidnapping

Lilith’s dastardly plan to join Jonathan & Clary is a success, and both are presumed dead by everyone. Little do they know: Jonathan and Clary are alive, but not so well. Clary is trapped without means of escape. Her stele is gone and she must endure Jonathan’s incessant rantings about his goodness because of her. 

Clary attempts to distract Jonathan by stabbing him, but their sibling bond is stronger than it seems; when she stabs him, she receives the same injury. Jonathan takes Clary to Paris in a thin attempt to form a closer bond with his sister. Luckily, Clary finds a way to contact her friends using a French Shadowhunter’s stele.

Jace and team discover Clary’s location and attempt to arrest and detain Jonathan. The team of Shadowhunters discover Clary and Jonathan are linked; Clary stabs herself but Jonathan escapes.

Freaky Friday

Magnus & Valentine get up-close and personal. Greater demon Azazel causes mayhem on his search for the Mortal Cup when he switches Magnus and Valentine’s minds. With Valentine’s hatred of all downworlders, his new body is disgusting to him and he sets out to find a way to return to his own body, while also freeing said body from captivity. 

Valentine in Magnus’s body looks especially awkward when interacting with Alec, but what had us bewildered was the fact that the Shadowhunter wasn’t prepared for it. Valentine seems extremely surprised to see Alec Lightwood show up at Magnus’s apartment in Brooklyn acting all cozy and intimate.

Valentine tricks Dot into helping teach him magic. (How does Valentine know how to hide Magnus’s cat eyes before this lesson?) He avoids Alec at all costs, then uses Jace as a bargaining tool with the Inquisitor to free himself. Valentine reveals Jace’s parents’ identity – and luckily for Clace fans, it isn’t him.

Romantic date night gone wrong

Clace finally get their cute date, but Jonathan’s not ready to see his sister with another man. Talk about a messed-up family tree. Jonathan interrupts an adorable ice skating date and knocks Jace unconscious. Using a glamer, Jonathan takes the identity of Jace, continues the date, and shares a romantic kiss with his sister (unbeknownst to Clary).

Once the kiss is shared, Clary feels something is off. Clary pricks her finger on the thorn of a rose given to her by fake Jace and notices that he also gets the same injury, thereby confirming his true identity. Talk about a date gone wrong. Creeper alert!

If you want more Shadowhunters villain moments, let us know @FilmDailyNews! Just be careful to make sure those around you are who they say they are. And definitely avoid any date with a sibling.

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