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‘Shadowhunters’ lives on. Revisit the show’s terrific ensemble cast and iconic portal destinations.

Pretend to be in the ‘Shadowhunters’ cast at these set locations

Shadowfam: if you’re looking for travel inspo, look no further. Here at Film Daily, we wanted to cater to the adventurous and wandering members of the fandom. Shadowhunters as we know it is set in New York City for the most part . . . or is it? Fun trivia: Shadowhunters is actually filmed primarily in Toronto, Canada.

Even with Shadowhunters’s departure from our screens, it doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye. We can relive scene after scene and recreate iconic moments throughout the show all in these locations. If our #ShirtlessShadowhunters content wasn’t enough, we wanted to give you some bucket list locations every member of the Shadowfam should visit.

Without the danger of demons lurking, visit some of Shadowhunters’s top locations – perfect during any time of year and full of memories. Grab the nearest warlock, pack your stele, and head through the portal to these top destinations for any member of the Shadowfam. Let us know @FilmDailyNews which destination you’re putting on your to-do list.

Party like it’s your birthday: Pandemonium (Uniun Nightclub, Toronto)

Head back to the party destination for Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike: Pandemonium. Clary heads to Pandemonium on her 18th birthday, following a mysterious hunky blonde Shadowhunter.

Excusing the fact that Simon & Maureen managed to grab drinks (they are underage, guys) it’s the party destination perfect for any occasion. A birthday? Perfect! Fighting demons? Even better. Pandemonium also hosts High Warlock Magnus Bane on multiple occasions, so next time you’re in that neighborhood, look out for him!

Cure that hangover: Java Jones (WVRST, Toronto)

After spending the night partying with Downworlders, this will be your lifeline. Grab a cuppa coffee at Java Jones! Clary and Simon both get their coffee from this establishment, but be warned – your biscotti may be flatter and more chiaroscuro than they appear. Shadowhunters has perfect party destinations for the dark nights full of dangers – but you’re definitely gonna need Java Jones in the morning.

Downworlders know how to party. Reminisce about that Shadowhunters pilot over some coffee. Recreate innocent Simon & Clary’s conversation before events lead to one becoming a vampire and the other a Shadowhunter. You might even catch a performance from Rock Solid Panda, if you’re lucky.

Visit the Iron Sisters: Adamant Citadel (Casa Loma, Toronto)

Clizzy head to the Iron Sisters in S2E6 of Shadowhunters, and you should too! Experience where Shadowhunter weapons are forged and badass women congregate to forge them. Izzy may not have had the best luck on her visit, but luckily for you there’s no trial needed to enter. 

It’s the perfect setting with beautiful sights and an even more beautiful building to house the Iron Sisters: an amazing destination for Shadowfans to tour and take in the sights of the Citadel.

Get sand in your stele: Beach (Marie Curtis Park, Etobicoke)

Hear the waves crashing against the shore and spot any stray Shadowhunters washing ashore on this beach which was featured a couple times in Shadowhunters S2. 

Not only did a certain Jace Wayland wash up on these shores, but Jonathan did too. What is it about this beach that attracts Shadowhunters and demons? However, Jonathan does end up opening a portal to Hell. Luckily for you, the Shadowhunters took care of it and the beach is free to roam. We recommend going in the summer, but even in the cold you can appreciate its beauty.

Honesty is the best policy: Seelie Realm/Central Park Bridge (Chorley Park, Toronto)

Shadowfam: we all remember that awks scene in Shadowhunters S2E14 when Simon, Clary, and Jace head to the Seelie Realm only for Clary to kiss Jace right in front of bf Simon. That petite Seelie Queen is mischievous and knows exactly how to ruffle a few feathers.

You can head to the entrance to the Seelie Realm on this bridge – but don’t try to enter, because the Queen is closed for business. Honesty is the best policy amongst Seelies, so be sure to admit to any hidden truths before you get there – otherwise secrets will be revealed.

Make a wish: Idris (Parkwood Estate, Oshawa)

A trip to Idris is just what the Clave ordered. How fun! Make a trip to Idris alongside fellow Shadowfam members and take in the beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, Clary used the last wish from Angel Raziel in Lake Lyn – but there’s plenty else to see.

We doubt you’ll see Jace anytime soon, as the location holds plenty of awful memories – but a visit from a Shadowhunter or two doesn’t seem far-fetched. Idris is home to not only the Mortal Mirror but also the Academy for Shadowhunters-in-training!

Malec’s new home: Alicante (Parkwood Estate, Oshawa)

Alicante is now home to one of the best ships from Shadowhunters: Malec! With Alec as Head of the Alicante Institute, you can bet they run a tight ship. Magnus alongside makes for a remarkable team. This capital city of Idris is a great tourist destination, with beautiful scenery. 

This is the home city of the Nephilim and ideal for those wanting to experience the most memorable Shadowhunters’ lives. Luckily for us, Magnus closed any unwanted rifts ahead of our 2020 plans. Watch your step!

Dance with the devil: Edom

Bring plenty of UV protection! Edom is hot, hot, hot. Catch the rays and get a nice tan when you visit. Although it has its disadvantages (dangerous demons and actual fire everywhere), Edom is a great pit stop on the tour bus. Make sure you can find your way back though – and whatever you do, don’t get stopped by the Prince of Hell!

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