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Podcasts that are available on Spotify have gotten really popular. Listen to these entertaining podcasts now.

Craving more entertainment? Listen to these addictive podcasts on Spotify

These days more people than ever are listening in on interesting podcasts to learn new things, crush boredom, or to simply be entertained. Podcasts that are available on Spotify have gotten really popular. 

You’re Wrong About

You’re Wrong About is an incredibly engaging independent podcast available on Spotify that focuses on American pop culture. It launched not too long ago in 2018, but it’s already made huge waves! The informational podcast is hosted by Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, two journalists who love diving into things of the past. 

If the public ever misjudges or possibly misremembers historical figures, events, or phenomenons, this podcast clears up any confusion. Michael Hobbes works as a reporter for HuffPost and Sara Marshall’s articles can be found at The Believer, BuzzFeed, The New Republic, and more. 

Who recalls the Vanessa Williams Miss America scandal where her crown was revoked after certain pictures of her got leaked? Well, the public doesn’t have all the correct details! Check out this podcast to learn what really happened with Vanessa Williams and find out the truth about several other major stories that have gone down in history.

Call Her Daddy

Are you in need of some dating advice? Or sex advice? Or simply just interested in hearing interesting stories from a young woman who prefers to take charge in her romantic endeavors? Call Her Daddy is the ideal podcast to tune into on Spotify. It’s hosted by Alexandra Cooper as of today but back when the podcast was first taking off, Sofia Franklyn was onboard co-hosting as well. 

The podcast launched in 2018 and is now partially owned and regularly distributed by Barstool Sports. Alexandra Cooper dives in deep when it comes to subject matter that most would consider NSFW. She doesn’t hold back and has a great sense of humor to match.

My Favorite Murder

Murder podcasts are not for everyone but for those who are intrigued about the minds of serial killers, My Favorite Murder is hosted by Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark, two women who somehow know how to add a comedic twist to the dark stories they’re discussing. 

Their first episode premiered in 2016 and by 2018 they landed in the top #25 of popular podcasts on iTunes. Although Karen Kilgraff doubles as a TV writer who does stand-up comedy and Georgia Hardstark doubles as a host for the Cooking Channel, they both dedicate the right amount of time and energy to creating a true crime podcast that leaves listeners on the edge of their seats.

Love Your Life + Law of Attraction

Jennifer Bailey is a life coach and a Law of Attraction Enthusiast, so it makes sense she would be the one to host a podcast like Love Your Life + Law of Attraction. Following the teachings of the Law of Attraction can lead to a groundbreaking way of thinking, feeling, and living life. 

This particular podcast sheds light on how to make lifestyle changes that bring about more joy, inspiration, and feelings of being uplifted. She describes the fact that having more freedom, happiness, and empowerment in life is totally possible. 

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes is one of the most inspirational podcast hosts of all time. His podcast The School of Greatness showcases him interviewing some of the most prolific, educated, and forward thinking individuals ever. Some of the brilliant minds he’s interviewed include the late Kobe Bryant, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Tony Robbins.

Lewis Howes asks wildly deep questions to anyone who comes on his show and he always makes sure to find out how they would define “greatness.” Becoming someone great in this life is so important to so many people which is what makes this podcast worthwhile. 

Office Ladies

Once upon a time, Jenna Fischer played the role of Pam Beesly on The Office and Angela Kinsey played the role of Angela Martin. The fictional characters they played might not have been on the friendliest of terms while the cameras were rolling but behind the scenes, these two women are actually best friends! 

Their podcast Office Ladies on Spotify is incredibly fun to listen to because it lets fans of the show get a glimpse into some of the most unforgettable moments while listening to commentary from two of the best actresses who played such iconic characters.

Britney’s Gram

Ever since Britney Spears’s Instagram posts started to appear more cryptic than ever, and her conservatorship drama has continued to make major headlines, two female comedians decided to step up to the plate and create a podcast to discuss life. The #FreeBritney movement is going on now and is stronger than ever. 

Britney’s Gram is a podcast that focuses on the dissection of every single Britney Spears post on Instagram by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray. Fans of Britney Spears are crossing their fingers in hopes she will be released from her conservatorship, and while everyone is waiting for more released information on the matter, they’re tuning in to this podcast for updates.

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