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Prepare for superhero overload! DC and Spotify have teamed up to create a long-term partnership starting with nine podcasts.

DC and Spotify team up: See the new superpowered podcasts

Do you feel like you’re hurtling toward superhero burnout yet? Do you want to get there faster? If movies, TV shows, and comic books aren’t enough content for you then you’ll be excited to know that DC and Spotify have made a deal to create some podcasts together.

Yes, the comic company has decided they need even more retellings of the stories about their most popular characters.

If you’re trying to expedite your hero fatigue then this may be right up your alley. Here are the details we currently have about the upcoming DC podcasts.

Light on details

The announcement didn’t have many details, so we’ll have to wait to know more about the projects. However, we do know that nine different podcasts are already being planned and one is already titled.

Currently we know there are going to be stories for Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the Riddler, Batgirl, Batman, Joker, Katana, Harley Quinn, and Superman & Lois Lane. This mix of heroes and villains features many of DC’s most beloved characters.

The Spotify announcement comes after Marvel has already begun work on podcasts for both Pandora and Stitcher.

Batman comes first

Batman is possibly the most well-known DC hero aside from Superman, so it’s no surprise that the comic giant wants their Spotify debut to feature Bruce Wayne.

The first of the nine podcasts will be titled Batman Unburied. This series is expected to take a look at the “darker aspects of Bruce Wayne’s psychology”. Admittedly, this sounds like every Batman announcement we’ve heard over the past fifteen-or-so years, but at least this time it won’t involve squinting at a TV screen because directors took “dark” too literally.

As much as we love the idea of a voice actor doing a chatty Q&A type podcast as Batman/Bruce Wayne, it’s expected by everyone that this will be a scripted story that listeners can enjoy – like a more immersive audio book.

More Batman

You’ll be getting your choice in Batman podcasts, though. If the Spotify one doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps Batman: The Audio Adventures will be more your speed. This is an entirely different podcast being produced for HBO Max that, as the title indicates, will be all about the broody black-caped hero. Audio Adventures is currently being described as a comedy podcast, so it’ll be very different from the Spotify one.

The HBO Max podcast will feature Jeffrey Wright in one of the roles. Wright will be playing Batman in Audio Adventures, despite the fact he’s playing Detective Jim Gordon in the upcoming Robert Pattinson Batman movie. An interesting move, though he’ll probably nail each one equally well.

Announcement clip

Warner Bros. execs are excited about this DC endeavor, although calling the projects “new and novel” feels like a bit of a stretch, since audio stories have existed for a very long time – especially popular in the golden age of radio. 

Though if Spotify & DC can utilize surround sound successfully in their podcasts, this could certainly be an interesting evolution of the storytelling medium. The executive producer of Batman Unburied, David S. Goyer, describes the idea of making it feel as if the Joker is whispering over listeners’ shoulders – if they can create those moments in a way that creates listener immersion it could truly be an interesting experience.

What do you think? Are you excited to listen to the DC podcasts or will you pass in the hopes of avoiding superhero fatigue for just a little bit longer? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments down below!

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