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Still haven't seen Jared Leto playing Zack Snyder's version of The Joker? Watch the new 'Justice League' trailer ASAP and enjoy these killer memes!

Jared Leto returns as the Joker: All the memes about his performance

Hey, you! Yeah, you. Did you know we live in a society? Of course you did. But did you know those words – “we live in a society” – have become associated with The Joker (yes, the Batman villain) thanks to meme culture? And were you aware that the newest trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League features Jared Leto, as The Joker, uttering those words?

Jared Leto was already quite the meme fodder thanks to his performance as The Joker in Suicide Squad (in addition to his overall Leto-ness). But this might be too much: this is a meme come to life and being memed itself. It’s as if Christopher Nolan was directing memes now.

Take a look at the new Jared Leto memes, which are also Joker memes, which are also “We live in a society” memes . . . except for a few that are not about living in a society but which we found funny anyway.

Snyder giggles

They all knew what they were doing, especially their ringleader.

Goldblum approves

Jeff Golblum’s meme-ability probably rivals that of Jared Leto as The Joker.

Compare & contrast

By the way, this doesn’t mean Jared Leto gets to live down his previous portrayal of The Joker. The internet never forgets.

In slo-mo too

Even if you’re not a Snyder Cut stan, you have to give Zack Snyder props for this major troll move.


A bit of an MCU crossover here, to give credit where credit’s due.

Manson vibes

This Joker looks much darker than Jared Leto’s last interpretation of the Clown Prince. Still, it’s easy to make fun of it because the internet can make fun of anything.


Tobey Maguire’s supposed to be coming back to super-heroing. He’ll probably be as confused by Jared Leto as The Joker as some of us are.


Some people can never be satisfied. Look, maybe Joaquin Phoenix will get to reference a different meme in the sequel to his version of The Joker.

Joker-care for All

Jared Leto as The Joker may be all the rage, but the internet is not ready to let go of Bernie & his mittens.

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