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Which true crime podcasts are the most addicting? Here are our recommendations for true crime podcasts that you can not miss out on.

Need some new true crime podcasts? Tune into these addicting programs

With quarantine and COVID, people have been turning more and more to various forms of entertainment. One thing that we fell into over the course of the year was true crime podcasts of which there is a variety of them. From popular to lesser known, these true crime podcasts can bounce between real-life cases to stories of the supernatural. Either way, it’s all very interesting to the true crime community.

What true crime podcasts, however, are the most addicting? What are the ones that you cannot stop listening to? Or the ones that tell the most fascinating true crime cases out there? Well, here are some of our recommendations for true crime podcasts that you can not miss out on.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

One of our personal favorite podcasts, Morbid is hosted by Ash & Alaina, a hairstylist & autopsy technician respectively. Best friends as well as family, the pair go through some of true crime’s most fascinating, tragic, and outright weird cases with empathy, compassion, and, yes, plenty of humor. If you ever wanted to hear people creatively insult serial killers because serial killers are terrible human beings, then Morbid is here.

Listening to Morbid honestly feels like sitting around with your best friends as they tell you about a true crime case that they actually learned. You know, if that’s something to do with your friends. Ash & Alaina also branch out into supernatural episodes as well as listener-submitted stories, but the meat & potatoes of the series is true crime. With a well of empathy for the victims, they make sure to share their stories. 

In addition, Ash & Alaina also host a true crime list podcast called Crime Countdown with Parcast on Spotify. That’s definitely worth a listen if you want something true crime, but more bite-sized. 

Red Collar

Hosted by Catherine Townsend, this series dives into “red collar” criminals. Or, white collar criminals who kill for their crimes. From a sexually sadistic serial killer to the Preppy Axe Murderer, Townsend has covered a variety of cases that will frustrate you and make you very suspicious next time someone comes with a “once in a lifetime” sort of offer. 

From the psychology of how red collar criminals think to the shocking details of their crime, Red Collar crams a lot of fascinating detail into about a 30 to 40-minute true-crime podcast. It’s definitely worth taking the time to binge all these episodes from the series, which hails from audiochuck aka the network that produces Crime Junkie and Counter Clock. 

That’s Spooky!

This true crime and paranormal podcast will introduce you to Johnny & Tyler, your new spooky gay Canadian besties. Because who doesn’t love a spooky b*tch? Each week, the couple go over interesting news “spooky gay bulls**t”, a quick drag race recap, and then set about telling each other whatever weird or odd longform story that they found over the week. From fascinating true crime cases to haunted lighthouses, they have told it all. 

While That’s Spooky can definitely get a bit silly & witty, Johnny & Tyler hold a lot of respect for the victims of the crimes that they cover, when they cover true crime cases. Honestly? It’s just a fun podcast to listen to that covers a wide range of topics and gives you multiple stories per episode. It’s definitely a good palate cleanser if you’ve been listening to some of the heavier and more serious true crime podcasts, at least.

Unsolved Mysteries

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite series about unsolved cases has its own podcast. If Netflix reboot’s pure documentary style format didn’t appeal to you, then the podcast may be a better fit. Hosted by Steve French (The Mandalorian), each week covers a different unsolved case. The good news is that this podcast only started in Feb. 2021, so you have plenty of time to catch up on all the episodes. 

Plus, nothing really screams “true crime” like something involving Unsolved Mysteries. From the narration to the eerie opening music, the podcast really nails what made the original series work. 

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