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Do you love ghost stories, campfire tales, and haunted houses? Check out these excellent horror podcasts to get your spook on.

Gothtober: Check out these horror podcasts for a good scare

Horror is a superb genre in many mediums. Horror works in books, television, and movie and is also one of the most underrated podcast genres – and there are so many great ones out there. 

We’ve drawn up a list of just a few of the fantastic podcasts available – perfect for October. Our favorites are the radio-show styles, but we know they aren’t for everyone. We tried to spread the love between radio-show style & single narrator podcasts. 

You can find all these titles wherever you get your podcasts. No matter if you love ghost stories & campfire tales, haunted houses, or monster stories, one of these podcasts is sure to scare the earbuds right out of your ears. 

Campfire Radio Theater (A Haunted Air Audio Drama)

Campfire Radio Theater only releases a few episodes a year, but when they do, they’re guaranteed to frighten you. The podcast has excellent sound production and puts you right in the middle of the story. Everything from the score to the environmental sound effects makes the radio show incredibly eerie

The narrator of Campfire Radio Theater does an excellent job introducing listeners to the podcast, as if the introduction were written by Rod Serling.  Then the show begins and you’re whisked away on a wild ride with the scariest twists & turns.

Light House (iHeart Radio)

Light House is a single-story podcast written by Jeff Heimbuch sure to give you a fright. It blends old recordings & first-person narratives to create a chilling narrative. The ten-part story follows Tara Hollis’s troubled childhood and her attempts to flee familial abuse caused by the evil entities that inhabit her family’s new home, Light House. 

Knifepoint Horror (Sorena Narnia)

Knifepoint Horror is the minimalist podcast on the list. It only uses a single narration and spooky nature sound effects to make it feel like you’re camping with friends and telling scary stories by the fire. There are no environmental sound effects, no music, and no other actors. It uses the limitations of audio-only to its advantage to create an eerie sensation as soon as the narrator begins to read. 

LifeAfter (Panoply)

If you ever wish Spike Jonze’s 2013 movie Her was a horror movie then sci-fi romance LifeAfter is for you. LifeAfter is about an FBI employee who talks with his wife over the phone. However, his wife passed away eight months ago. LifeAfter is like if Black Mirror waa a podcast and it’s worth a listen for fans of Black Mirror & sci-fi horror

The NoSleep Podcast (The Paragram Collective)

The NoSleep Podcast offers five short scary stories in an hour-long show. The goal of the show is to provide quick first-person stories that play on the plausibility of the story. The ability to offer so many stories means the podcast can range in the subgenres of horror. The NoSleep Podcast is one of the best-produced horror podcasts as the music & effects pull you into the story without distracting you. 

Video Palace (Shudder)

Shudder is the video streaming platform dedicated solely to horror fanatics. Video Palace is their four original horror podcasts and it’s one of our favorite storylines. It’s about a fictional podcast created by Mark Cambria after he watches a mysterious VHS tape and begins talking an unknown language in his sleep. 

We don’t want to spoil this insanely good podcast, but it’s in the vein of The Ring and has occult vibes. One of the cool aspects of it is it brings in real people into the fictional podcast for discussions. Every fan of horror should put this at the top of their list. 

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