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In despite need of some Christmas movie spirit? Channel the holidays super early with these great Netflix offerings.

Need a little Christmas? Right this very minute? Watch these Netflix movies

It might still be summer time, but that doesn’t mean we’re not totally ready to sit back & relax with some Christmas movies on Netflix. Christmas season and all of its holiday glory is still a few months away which means we’ll have to wait a little while before pulling out the Christmas trees & decorations . . . but that doesn’t mean we need to wait to watch Christmas movies on Netflix! 

It’s never too early to make some hot chocolate and tune in to the best family friendly movies that focus on Santa Claus or other iconic holiday characters. Christmas love stories are always enjoyable to watch too.


Holidate is the perfect Christmas movie on Netflix because not only does it cover the Christmas holiday, but it also covers New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and the rest of the holidays throughout the year. Emma Roberts & Luke Bracey play love interests in this movie about two young adults who are tired of being single on the holidays. 

They decide to be each other’s date due every holiday party & event year-round in order to better survive in the struggle of being lonely. Along the way, they fall for each other which isn’t shocking at all, but still precious to see.

Let it Snow

Let it Snow is a Christmas movie on Netflix that was released in 2019 starring Kiernan Shipka from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in one of the leading roles alongside Isabella Merced. 

The movie tells a story of a group getting stuck together when a snowstorm hits their small town. Christmas morning isn’t what they expect when various issues between friendships & relationships begin blowing up in front of their faces. In the end, the magic of the holiday is enough to bring everyone back together again.

A California Christmas

A California Christmas is an excellent Christmas movie on Netflix to watch, released in 2020 towards the end of the year. A wealthy charmer named Joseph pretends to be something he’s not in order to swindle a farm girl named Callie into seeing things his way. Ultimately, he wants to be able to purchase her family’s farm land, but instead of getting what he wants, he falls in love.

The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is a 2018 Christmas movie on Netflix starring Vanessa Hudgens in the leading role. We got the sequel in 2020 called Switched Again which continues the storyline. A duchess trades places with a normal woman from Chicago after discovering they look like twins. 

They make the switch a mere week before Christmas and when it happens, they end up falling head over heels in love with each other’s boyfriends. To make a complicated matter worse, they eventually have to switch back and live their normal lives!

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

Laura Marano & Gregg Sulkin Play love interests in A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish. Selena Gomez & Hilary Duff have starred in Cinderella Story movies leading up to this so the bar was set really high for this one. 

A teenage girl wants to make it as a famous singer but her path to success is constantly being blocked by her jealous stepmother and horrible stepsisters. She ends up landing her dream job potentially getting her closer to reaching her goal as a successful singer.

Holiday in the Wild

Kristin Davis & Rob Lowe star in Holiday in the Wild, a 2019 Christmas movie on Netflix. A woman named Kate decides to go on vacation to Africa by herself after her husband suddenly divorces her. 

They were planning to go on their second honeymoon there together but instead of plans going the way she wanted, he decided to dip out on her. During her vacation, she falls for someone new and realizes she loves being in Africa more than she loves being at home . . . mostly because she’s met the right person.

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