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Chestnuts may be roasting on an open fire, but so are your favorite holiday movies. Here are some of the most brutal and hilarious Twitter memes.

Your favorite holiday movies roasted: See Twitter’s spiciest takes

Ah, it’s that wonderful time of the year again! Time to deck yourself out in your favorite fuzzy sweater, sit in front of your TV with hot cocoa in hand and watch the endless barrage of holiday movies. From time-tested classics to new Netflix originals, there’s no better way to capture the magical spirit of Christmas than watching cheesy holiday movies. 

However, not everybody loves the traditional bonanza of holiday movies. In fact, some holiday movie offerings are deemed a cinematic equivalent of a big lump of coal in stockings. And when it comes to giving polarizing opinions, we all know Twitter doesn’t hold back. So grab yourself a big cup of eggnog because things are about to get spicy. 

The next Hallmark movie

Stop kitten around! You mean to say that the next movie entering Hallmark’s Christmaspalooza lineup might be the purr-fect holiday flick we’re all waiting for?

Sounds about right

You get a Christmas movie! And you get a Christmas movie! Everybody gets a Christmas movie! Hallmark: The Oprah of Christmas movies.

No choice but to stan

While we agree The Knight Before Christmas’s storyline is a bit unrealistic (fine, utterly surreal) and the conclusion is somewhat predictable (okay, super predictable), we’re still devoted fans of the movie. It has the perfect amount of sappy cheesiness to satiate our hopeless romantic hearts. Plus, who doesn’t love a dashing time-traveling medieval knight? 


When Netflix announced its Christmas cinematic universe, the comparisons with other cinematic universes were inevitable. But let’s be real here, no other universe can fight back the power of four Vanessa Hudgens #GabriellaForever. Though, we are still waiting for the movie where all the Vanessa Hudgens get together to fight their evil Vanessa Hudgens doppelgangers. Get to it, Netflix!

Not a Christmas movie?

We could agree with that notion, but we won’t. Why? Because we don’t want to beckon a backlash from ardent John McLane fans. And honestly, we are so over this debate.

Unpopular opinion

Well, in all fairness, the Grinch is just not a people pleaser

Another Grinch dumpster fire

Now, this is technically a musical. But we feel it needs a special mention after the Twitter uproar it caused. If you want to keep that Christmas cheer intact, we recommend that you keep away from streaming Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical this holiday season.

Every Hallmark movie plot

Does every Hallmark Christmas movie have the same plot? Absolutely. Are the endings predictable? Totally. Will we still watch them back to back? Of course we will! 

Change of perspective

Kevin went from being a poor innocent kid to a little rascal. Funny how time changes!

What do you think about these spicy takes on holiday movies? Which one do you agree with the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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