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Need some Christmas magic as we head into the month of the May? Get your best Santa laugh out with these Christmas memes.

Ho, ho, ho: Enjoy Christmas in May with these timeless holiday memes

Happy Birthday! Or, well, Merry Christmas. Sure, Christmas isn’t for about seven months yet. Welcome to 2021 where we’re trying to put time back on track after 2020, but it doesn’t always work out for us, you know? For those of us who are trying their best to keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, it’s probably time to dig out the memes that are all about the holiday season.

Because what better way to celebrate Christmas in May then with some quality memes? Well it’s time to put on a Santa hat, dig out a hopefully not stale candy cane from December, and ho ho ho your way through the 12 memes of Christmas that we were able to dig up for you all. 

Bing: *middle finger with a Santa hat*

Bing has no holiday joy. Only rage.

Christmas magic!

Does time matter? No, it doesn’t.

Mary, the real hero of the story

Poor Mary had a night.

Still have a bank account

The only person on your Christmas list is you.

This isn’t the Josh fight, sweetie

Awww. This is how those folks at Area 51 felt.

*squints at Legolas*

Gandalf does look like a Low Carb Santa.

Sometimes you need to make your own fun

Which will make your racist & homophobic relatives more mad? 

Not another bird!

Imagine the relief when you find five golden rings instead.

Hallmark’s domination

Hallmark doesn’t care. Only Christmas.

Where’s this movie?

Honestly, that sounds nice.

*squints suspiciously*

Why do they all have the same hairstyle?

Tell us it’s a lie. It’s not a lie.

It’s probably because they all have the same hairstyle. 

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