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Spending the holidays alone? Can't make the yuletide gay? You and your family can still have a Merry Christmas with these hilarious and jolly memes!

‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’: Send your family memes

Christmas is right around the corner, and this year, it’s going to be a very strange one for many. With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, many celebrators will be away from home with their partners, Zooming with Mom & Dad, or using the opportunity to avoid unfavorable family members all together (Finally, a Christmas without gay jokes from uncle Bob).

However we’re celebrating this year, we can spread Christmas cheer in the most relatable way possible: with dank memes. If you’re not heading home for Christmas, you can give your family a chuckle to go with their tears with these merry Christmas memes.

Sticking to Budget

Staying at home means less people to see, and less gifts to give. Sorry, Aunt Karen!

1914 Christmas

Mom laying on the guilt for opting for a virtual Christmas? Send it right back with this merry Christmas meme.

Why Jesus Died

Ever ruin Christmas? Share one of the best self-deprecating merry Christmas memes.

Hardly Working

Office drama knows no bounds. Here’s one of the greatest merry Christmas memes for the cubicle-bound haters in your family.

Jingle Bell Rock

Speaking of haters, everyone has a family member who can’t get into the holiday spirit. They’re sure to love this merry Christmas meme about repeated playlists at work.

Retail Rock

Same idea here, but maybe save this one for your dark-humored younger cousin restocking shirts at Target this year, god bless them.

Tough Year

2020 led many to expect that the end is nigh. Here’s a merry Christmas meme for your family doomsday prepper.

Santa’s Little Helper

The family pet often is a welcome distraction around the holidays. Here’s one for the dog-lovers in your family.

Festive Feline

No dog in the family? There’s merry Christmas memes for all types of beloved pets, and this one’s sure to tickle the funny bone of any cat person in your fam.

A Very Punny Christmas

If you have a Mr. Feeny in your family, reading Christmas stories around the fire on the holiday eve, this meme is for you. 

If you can’t see your family this year, these merry Christmas memes will surely spread the cheer their way. If you find yourself at a chaotic Christmas gathering, they’ll provide an escape from what is for some, the most stressful time of the year.

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