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Tis the season for holiday memes. Check out our collection of the best wintery dark humor memes.

The dark side of Christmas? The best holiday memes with edgy humor

Christmas time is here with it comes everything looking merry and bright. But, for those of us with a darker sense of humor, there’s something to be said about railing against the sanitized version of Christmas. Most people tend to go for Krampus, who is Santa’s demonic brother that drags children off to the underworld due to their naughtiness over the course of the year. 

If you’re not in the mood to celebrate Krampusnacht, then never fear! We have gathered-up some really choice dark humor Christmas memes to make you laugh and enjoy the darkness in the world. If we’re all being honest, then Christmas needs a little more bite to it versus everything just being lovely and a hunky dory. Here are some 10 memes to make you ready for a darker sort of Christmas.

Because with the way 2020 is going, might as well make Christmas full of dark humor, you know? It’s time to just bring out those memes in a big, big way. 

1. Krampus is stealing everything, yo

Krampus steals everything! Sure, he’s stealing your kids and that sucks, but if they were being really bad, then let him have them. But your memes? Krampus can’t do that! No one should be able to have the power to steal memes. It’s the lifeblood of the internet! Bad Krampus! 

2. Call Krampus today! 

Can’t discipline your kids the normal way? Then call Krampus! Sure, you may never see them again because he’s dragging them off to Hell. But you can also get coal for your kids, and you can always make a diamond out of coal. Sure, you need sufficient pressure, but it’s better than a continuously misbehaving child, right? 

3. No Christmas memes before Nov. 1! 

People already posting Christmas memes? And Halloween hasn’t occurred yet? Now it’s time to summon the dark forces and put them to work. At least let Halloween happen before you go all in on Christmas stuff. Do that one solid for those of us who look forward to being witchy on Halloween.

4. It’s Santa Cthulhu! Here to save Christmas 2020! 

Can’t get Santa to come to your home in 2020? Give the Dark Cthulhu a call! Sure, you all may go slightly crazed due to being unable to comprehend the dark eldritch cosmic horror. No way that Cthulhu can’t get coronavirus. Santa? Maybe. Cthulhu? No way. Not him. 

5. Traumatize your kids this holiday season

Don’t have the stomach to call Krampus, but, you know, also want to traumatize your children into behaving during the holidays? Wrap up empty boxes and toss them onto the fire in order to maximize that mental scarring amongst other things. They’ll be talking about this with their therapist for decades!

6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for HBO

Rudolph could easily get very dark and if he just snapped one day and started, like, goring everyone with his horns. Reindeer can be scary af, you know? All deer can be. Have you ever seen them lock horns? Yikes. Luckily, Rudolph is a gentle soul, or just biding his time.

7. The weapon of Christmas.

Some people can get into the spirit of the midwinter holidays very easily. Others, however, cannot. And they should not be forced too. Otherwise, people are going to get shived with a candy cane. Those can get pretty, pretty pointy.

8. The true meaning of Christmas

If you have to deal with holidays or 2020 in general, then alcohol always works. It’s how everyone gets Christmas cheer.

9. Do it Vader! 

Kill the Elf on the Shelf, Darth Vader! Stop the surveillance state! End this once and for all! 

10. When you hate the people you work with

Unfortunately, this is probably an office party sweater that you’ll have to save for next year.

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