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With the Caronavirus ruining plans all year families are struggling for Christmas dinner ideas. Here are the best virtual ideas for Christmas get-togethers.

Can’t do Christmas dinner in person? The best virtual ideas for this year

This Christmas certainly won’t be like the others. With the ongoing pandemic spreading & rising faster in numbers than ever, it seems like the best bet is to stay at home and spend your holidays safe & sound indoors. However, this in no way means you have to celebrate the season alone. 

Thanks to the wonders of technology, there are still plenty of ways to ensure you and your loved ones can still spread the joy together during Christmas dinner despite being miles apart. Here are some amazing ideas on how you can celebrate the seasons virtually while in quarantine. 

Yummy Holiday food

A virtual Holiday party doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat all your tasty Christmas dinner by yourself. If you’re looking for some company in the kitchen, join a video chat with all your loved ones and share your favorite recipes to cook & enjoy together. There are all kinds of yummy treats to make together such as gingerbread houses, cookies, hot chocolate, fudge, peppermint bark, and plenty more. 

Reminisce on old photos

Before your planned group video chat or Facetime call, ask all your loved ones to come ready to share their favorite picture from a past Holiday season while you munch on your Christmas dinner. Sharing these photos will definitely evoke a bunch of cherished memories, and have all of you reminiscing for hours about all the great times

Secret Santa

Just because you’ll be celebrating virtually this year doesn’t mean all your favorite festivities have to be cancelled. If you love Secret Santa, there are plenty of ways you can still do this with your loved ones thanks to plenty of online services. You can plan a budget with all the participants and make wishlists, making sure your gifts arrive before the big day. Then, plan a video call once you all begin unwrapping!

Paint & Drink

After Christmas dinner, crack open a bottle of wine on the video call or a carton of eggnog for the little ones grab some painting supplies, and spend the night sparking up your creativity. You can pick a theme for your friends & family to paint, or find a tutorial online everyone can follow along with. Then, have everyone share their finished artworks and vote on whose painting was the best. 

Movie night

This one is pretty self explanatory. Simply have everyone tune in to a Christmas themed movie and enjoy it all together with some holiday food & snacks. There are also plenty of sites & extensions to help make sure everyone is watching at the exact same time. 

Karaoke time

Do you usually love Christmas caroling but don’t know how you can spread the holiday cheer this year? Don’t worry, as there are plenty of online Karaoke videos of all your favorite Christmas songs from “Silent Night” to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. Plan a video call with all your favorite people and have everyone sing along together and share the joyful spirits. 

Photo of a man working from home, with his sons as a company, having a video conference call

Game night

There are more than plenty of games you can play with your loved ones this Christmas through a video chat. A few examples include virtual charades, Never Have I Ever, a virtual scavenger hunt, trivia games, and more!

Christmas costumes

Ask everyone in the call to show up dressed in their most festive Christmas outfits. You can even assign all different kinds of awards such as “most unique”, “most festive”, and much more. There can even be an award for who dresses up their pets the best! 

Christmas trees

Have everyone show off their Christmas trees, and point out all their favorite decorations & ornaments. This is a great way to spark conversation and even learn more about your loved ones by seeing what kind of Christmas tree decorations they have. 

Which option will you be choosing this Christmas? Do you have any more wonderful ideas to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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