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Did you know you can get Disney Plus gift cards? Read about all the streaming services with gift cards just in time for Christmas.

Disney Plus, Netflix, and Peacock: Give these gift cards for Christmas

With the holidays coming up, figuring out what to buy people in your life can be difficult. If you don’t know what your loved ones want this year, consider getting them a streaming gift card which will allow them to watch whatever they enjoy.

With many people still quarantining and social distancing, finding entertainment to fill their time at home is essential. These could be the perfect Secret Santa gifts.

Countless movies & shows can be watched on personal devices. Make your friends’ and family’s wildest streams come true by gifting them a streaming gift card.

What is a streaming gift card?

Some of the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are offering these special gift cards. A subscription to these platforms allow users to watch a wide variety of TV shows and movies.

Any of these streaming gift cards will put money toward a subscription to one of these services. Some cards can be bought & sent digitally, while others have physical copies bought online or in stores. 

Here are some of the best streaming gift cards to buy this holiday season:


Netflix is one of the most well-known streaming services. Supreme shows on here include BoJack Horseman, Stranger Things, and Ozark. Netflix has TV shows and movies for everyone. Just a few of the genres found there include horror, comedy, romance, and children’s. Netflix also has international content in a wide variety of languages.

Netflix gift cards can be found in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. To make things easier, there’s a way to purchase a digital gift card from various retailers. 

The gift cards come in a variety of amounts and the balance can go toward a new or existing Netflix account. The subscriber will be notified when the gift card balance is about to run out. Monthly plans range from $7.99 to $17.99 a month.


Hulu is similar to Netflix, offering a wide range of TV shows and movies across many genres. A unique aspect of Hulu, however, is that the service offers live TV, episodes of current shows available twenty-four hours after airing, and some premium channel add-ons. 

Hulu gift cards can come in physical form or be sent digitally. They have cheap subscription plans and more expensive ones. However, the amount spent on the gift card might impact what the streamer can access in their Hulu subscription.

The most cost-friendly option is $5.99 a month, which gets users access to Hulu’s database of content with limited commercials. For $11.99, users get the same content as the cheaper plan but with no commercials. The $54.99 plan adds live TV to the subscription. $60.99 gets users the live TV with no ads.


Disney+ is the ultimate hub for everything Disney. A Disney+ gift card is the perfect gift for fans of wholesome, family-friendly content. Subscribers have access to a plethora of both old and new Disney films and shows. Other content on Disney+ includes Pixar, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic.

Disney+ gift cards can be found on the Disney+ website. The only gift option is to “gift a year”, which costs $69.99. There aren’t options for physical gift cards at this time. 

The gift card can only be delivered & redeemed digitally. The funds also can’t be applied to a current subscription. Only new subscriptions can access the benefits of the gift card.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service focused on live TV rather than on-demand video. Plans range from $30 to $45 a month. Subscribers can get access to a variety of live cable TV channels. 

There are also add-ons for an additional monthly price. Some of the add-on packages include sports, kids, news, and international.

Choosing the right streaming gift card

Other gift cards to look into are ones from CBS All Access, STARZ, and FandangoNOW. Some streaming services don’t offer gift cards, such as FuboTV, ESPN+, and Peacock.

Someone deciding on the right streaming gift card should consider factors like content available through each service and what each of them will cost.

Not every streaming service is the same. Some have content geared for a general audience; others are more suitable for those with niche interests like sports and cartoons. What might work for one binge-watcher might not be right for another.

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