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Say 'bye-bye' to cancellation rumors. Put on your dancing shoes as 'Girls5eva' hits a high note, guaranteed a comeback for season 2. Sate your TV nostalgia now!

The story of the Menendez brothers is out! Could a change in public perception influence their fate now after all of these years?

It's not just gaming fans who are getting hyped for the release of Peacock's new show 'Wolf Like Me'. Find out what all the excitement is about right

Demi Lovato has now given us a new rule when it comes to discussing extraterrestrials. Does their experience with aliens prove them right?

UFOs are real? According to 'Dancing with the Devil' singer Demi Lovato they are! Just when does their alien TV show make its debut?

'Pitch Perfect' really does seem to have legs, seeing as there's now an upcoming spinoff series in the works. But will Ben Platt join?

'The Office' has now been off the air for nearly eight years. No Kevin? No problem! What's actor Brian Baumgartner's net worth today?

Monthly streaming subscription costs can add up. Check out these legit websites to watch movies online for free.

A 'Vampire Academy' series is underway and we're hoping it'll be better than the movie. Luckily, the teen vampire series features a fresh & diverse cast.