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It's not just gaming fans who are getting hyped for the release of Peacock's new show 'Wolf Like Me'. Find out what all the excitement is about right here.

Why everyone is talking about ‘Wolf Like Me’

Wolf Like Me is a brand-new comedy-drama from the mind of Abe Forsythe, the Australian director known for Down Under and Little Monsters. The series centers on a widowed man who begins a romantic relationship with a new woman he keeps meeting serendipitously. The only catch is that she’s a werewolf.

This highly original series with a stunning cast has got everyone talking, and it’s easy to see why. Werewolf themes have always been prevalent in popular culture, and this fresh take on the genre will appeal to many.

Wolves and Werewolves are Popular in Entertainment

One reason Wolf Like Me is garnering such favorable reviews is that audiences are familiar with wolves and werewolves in popular culture and are eager to experience them in other ways. This new series is a brand new take on the fantasy species and one that offers something people haven’t seen before.

For example, one highlight of Game of Thrones was the addition of the dire wolves. They started out as puppies in the first episode, and a couple of them were still in the series at the end. There were even fan-led petitions begging for the animals to get more screen time. According to HBO, the CGI required to bring them to life was costly and sometimes didn’t fit into the episode budget.

Aside from television, there have been hundreds of werewolf-themed movies over the years, with over 18 currently in development. One of these is a reboot of Van Helsing, which is likely to play fast and loose with the original source material from Bram Stoker. Still, audiences are unlikely to mind if they can see some moon howling action.

In games, wolves are everywhere as well. The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games stands out, but there are plenty of others like Star Wolves and WolfQuest. One of the most popular games right now is Wolf Gold, a slot so well-loved that Bitstarz online decided to put it on its home page. This highlights how this theme is a major draw for the casino in attracting players. It certainly seems as though the inclusion of wolves is a winning formula in every offshoot of the entertainment industry.

Great Cast and Setting

Wolf Like Me is available to stream on NBCUniversal and Peacock, and all six episodes dropped at the same time in January this year. With each lasting just 30 minutes, this is binge-worthy television at its best. The show is set in Adelaide, and it showcases Australia’s beautiful scenery.

A standout feature of this series is the all-star cast. Hollywood A-lister Isla Fisher plays Mary, a woman who must lock herself in her basement every time there’s a full moon. The 46-year-old is instantly recognizable and has been one of the most-loved actors in Hollywood since her breakout in 2002. Since then, she’s appeared in many blockbuster hits, including Now You See Me and Wedding Crashers.

The other major attraction of Wolf Like Me is Josh Gad, who stands out instantly for his distinctive appearance and voice. The American actor is known for many roles and recently made a hilarious cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm as a chiropractor.

Wolf Like Me is a genre-bending series, with elements of comedy, romance, drama, and horror. It packs a lot of thrills into its 30-minute episodes and has left a lot of viewers hungry for more. Everyone’s talking about this show already, therefore, it’s a wise idea to stream it so you don’t miss out.

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