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In New York tradition, Rockefeller Center decks the halls with a seventy-five-foot Christmas tree. Does it truly sum up 2020?

Rockefeller’s Christmas tree: Twitter calls it the perfect symbol for 2020

In New York tradition, Rockefeller Center decks the halls with an outdoor skating rink & a seventy-five-foot Christmas tree. The massive tree is usually the highlight of the decorations on display around the city. While the Rockefeller tree is usually full of life & branches, this year, it’s the exact opposite. 

Rockefeller Center received a tree missing plenty of branches looking like a physical representation of 2020. We aren’t the first to notice the misfit sapling’s poor shape – the internet devoured Rockefeller’s tattered tree. Here are some of the best responses on social media. 

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

While a physical representation of 2020 is accurate, we can only imagine Charlie Brown personally picking out the tree for the iconic New York tradition. 

Where it started 

The Rockefeller Center tweeted a photo of the tree back in November, and man 2020 took a toll on everything. It prompts us to wonder: how did it get so damaged in less than a week? Maybe FedEx delivered it. 

Student Problems    

This tree definitely looks like it pulled an all-nighter the night before its big midterm. 

Needs to get some work done

The Rockefeller Christmas tree: what was supposed to be a symbol of hope for New York still needs a few more touches. All it needs are some lights, ornaments, and a few extensions, and it will look as good as new. 

The results are in

We just hope they quarantined the tree for two weeks and it hasn’t received another positive test. 

Mentally, we’re the Rockefeller Christmas tree

We agree. With the whole world seemingly set to go back on lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic ruining holiday plans, our mental state is the Rockefeller Christmas tree. 

The right song for the tree

This is the only song allowed to play in Rockefeller Center. The kazoo & recorder arrangement of “Somewhere in My Memory” is the tree’s theme song. Also, a better Rockefeller tree is somewhere in our memory.   

It’s so cute we want to die

After a long journey from upstate New York, the construction crew found a tiny adorable owl in the Rockefeller Christmas tree. This little guy is so cute and maybe is a sign of good things to come next year. The photos of the owl, named Rockefeller by the construction crew, just prove that owls are the best birds. 

According to People Magazine, Rockefeller adult male Saw-whet owl is currently in excellent health and was transported to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center. The wildlife center is giving him a check-up and something to eat before releasing him in the wild. He was found in the tree after a three-day journey without food.


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