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From Disney+ to Nick Offerman, here are all the best Yule log videos to put on in the background for a cozy Christmas feeling.

Get in the Christmas spirit with these unique Yule log videos

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to turn on the fireplace on Christmas Day and play Christmas music while opening presents with friends & family. However, if you live in sunny Southern California where Christmas morning is usually a comfortable 75 degrees, then you’re probably not turning on your fireplace anytime soon. 

Those of us in warmer climates can still capture the Christmas magic of a roaring fireplace with a spectacular Yule log video. We love to put on Yule log videos at any time of year whenever we need a little holiday cheer. Here are our favorite Yule log videos to watch during any holiday activity.  

Pets love Christmas too 

Don’t forget to include your pets in your favorite holiday traditions! Some people get stockings for their pets, while others put their photos on the tree. One of the best ways to celebrate your pet is to put on a Yule log video with some familiar faces. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries YouTube Channel has a yule log with a cat & dog running throughout the video. It’s super adorable and perfect for any pet owner to put on.

Nick Offerman’s Yule Log 

If you ever want to sit & enjoy a silent drink with the incredible Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, now’s your chance. Nick Offerman released a forty-five minute Yule log video where he stares into the camera and enjoys a glass of Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Now go pick up the $75 bottle of scotch and enjoy a drink. 

Camping Yule log

If you just want a Yule log with fire noises to remind you of the great outdoors, Mahalo my Dude on YouTube has the perfect campfire Yule log. It’s set in a picturesque forest covered in snow, and it’s in 4K, so the video will look great on your TV. 

Animal lovers’ Christmas

For those who love little woodland creatures, the Movie Squirrels YouTube Channel is the place for you. Their Yule log video includes squirrels & birds in some delightful Christmas scenes both inside & outdoors. Throughout the video, they cutely chow down on bowls of seeds & nuts. These little guys are so adorable, and the music is very simple, making it a relaxing video – perfect for any animal lover! 

A Disney Christmas

There are many Disney Yule log videos out there. On Disney+, there’s the popular Frozen Arendelle Castle Yule Log, and Disney D23’s Youtube channel has a Toy Story Yule log video. But none of them take the fruitcake like Disney’s Magical Fireplace DVD. You can buy the short from shopDisney for $15, or you can watch WML95’s video of it on YouTube. 

The video has that iconic Disney feel & sound, fireworks, and all your favorite characters.

For the serial arsonist in all of us

All jokes aside, the National Fire Prevention Associations estimates that Christmas trees start about 160 house fires each year. Remember, if you have a real tree in your house this holiday season, make sure it is away from your fireplace if you light it and keep it watered. 

Martha Stewart’s website recommends you fill your base with at least five quarts of water every day. The article adds, “There’s no harm in refilling your stand to capacity – trees know their holiday drinking limits, so err on the side of extra.”


Did we miss your favorite Yule log video? Post links to your favorite Yule log videos in the comments and let us know which one is your favorite. 

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