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NBC’s 'Lost'-esque vanished plane mystery series 'Manifest' was renewed for season 3. Here's everything we want to see in season 3.

‘Manifest’ season 3: Everything we need to see happen next

NBC’s Lost-esque vanished plane mystery series Manifest was renewed for a third season. Which is good for fans of Manifest because the finale of season two has left us all with more questions than answers. Will Manifest season three give us those answers that we need? Well that remains to be seen, but hopefully it won’t be like Lost in that aspect and actually answers some things.

Manifest season two ended with a lot of things happening. Cal (Jack Messina) was kidnapped by drug dealers and almost died. Zeke (Matt Long) saved him, fulfilling his “death date”, but survived. The drug dealers, presumed dead, have been found to have disappeared. This leads to Ben (Josh Dallas) theorizing that the only way to beat the death date hanging over them all is to “follow the callings”. 

Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) poisons and accidentally kills The Major (Elizabeth Marvel), who reveals that she wants to “infect” people with Flight 828’s mutations in order to get others to experience the callings. 

Ben has another calling of Flight 828 exploding over the ocean. The season ends with a Cuban fishing boat finding the tail end of the plane. What does it mean?! If you’re wondering where Manifest season three will go next, here are some things we’d like to see happen.

Different dimensions? Different timelines?

With the wreckage of Flight 828 appearing in the ocean, just as Ben had his vision, you have to wonder just what’s going on here. As Manifest fans remember, the plane blew up in season one. So just how did the wreckage of the tail get into the ocean? And how does this connect in with the “callings” everyone is experiencing.

Well, what if different dimensions or timelines are involved somehow. The passengers of Flight 828 are from another dimension or an alternate timeline and the turbulence was not that just them crossing five years, but dimensions as well? What if the one that we and they know, the passengers of that Flight 828 died in an explosion?

As a consequence of crossing the streams, so to speak, these dimension/alternate timeline crossers of Flight 828 are able to see how events may turn out by getting a vibe from the future, which is the “callings”.

Ultimately, Manifest season three should explore just what the callings are and how they fit in with the whole wreckage of Flight 828. Given that’s what the season closes with though, it does look like it will be explored. But, you know, some solid answers would be nice as well.


As she dies, the Major informs Saanvi that she wanted to use the blood of the Flight 828 passengers so she can give other people the “callings” ability. Grace (Athena Karkanis) experiences the ability as her pregnancy with Eden progresses. So clearly having some contact with a member of Flight 828 will help with that on some level.

But what does it mean to infect people with it? Like weaponize the blood in some way? Who exactly would get the callings? Because people like The Major just don’t give them around willy-nilly. More importantly, the callings seem to be spontaneous, happening at key moments 

How many passengers are even left?

Over the course of Manifest, a lot of the Flight 828 passengers died in well a bunch of different ways. A whole host was killed in a combo fire/poisoning during season two. Right now, a lot of them are dead. So we’d like an updated headcount in Manifest season three as to who is alive or dead amongst the passengers.

Plus between that, Zeke, and the drug dealers, how many other people have experienced this strange phenomenon? Will it become more common over time? It’s another thing to keep an eye on when Manifest returns.

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