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'Manifest' on NBC has returned, much like the sudden reappearance of a commercial airliner presumed missing. Here's what to expect from season two.

Here’s what to expect in the second season of NBC’s ‘Manifest’

Manifest on NBC has returned, much like the sudden reappearance of a commercial airliner presumed missing. The series, starring Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J. R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, and Matt Long, focused on the missing Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City that underwent a brief period of turbulence that ended up lasting five and a half years.

While this would already set the stage for an excellent episode of The Twilight Zone, the passengers of Flight 828 also experience voices, visions, and the sensation of events that have yet to occur.

The second season premiered on January 6 at 10/9c in its regular time slot. Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, co-presidents scripted programming at NBC Entertainment, said in a statement that “in just its first season, Manifest has answered many questions about the mystery of Flight 828 and, smartly, asks many more.” 

They offered “congratulations to [creator] Jeff Rake, our producers, cast, and crew who have created an incredibly addictive series with compelling characters and complex relationships.”

We don’t have time to binge, what happened in the first season?

The end of the first season ended with an almost bang, as Jared (Ramirez) faced off against Zeke (Long) and a gun. 

It looked as though Michaela (Roxburgh) was struck with the bullet and she called out for Zeke to “run” as she bled out on the floor. She managed to pull through surgery, after which Saanvi (Kaur) warned Jared against visiting the patient. Cal (Messina) experienced a nightmare of Flight 828 in a nosedive and told Michaela to “save the passengers.”

That’s. . .a lot. What does it mean?

It appeared as though Michaela being the one who took the bullet during the struggle between Zeke and Jared during the last season finale was doubtful. The second season has already had a number of fakeouts, mysteries, and bank robberies unfold, and we’re only in the fourth episode of the season.

As for the weeks ahead, the fifth episode, “Coordinated Flight” looks like it will handle the issues of Saanvi’s research getting leaked to the Major, and the safety of all Flight 828 passengers might be in jeopardy. The synopsis mentions Grace(Athena Karkanis) and Cal will experience a “suspicious hit-and-run,” while Michaela investigates a vicious attack at the Church of the Believers.

Every episode is even more unpredictable than the one before it, but by the cast and crew statements, it appears intentional. Sarah Cawley, director of photography for Manifest’s second season, spoke with TV Fanatic about the altered reality of the program. 

“There’s a whole mythology aspect to season two which actually was present in season one as well” Cawley said. “A lot of key props that give clues on, and a lot of times for us that would be like a macro shot if it’s a small prop some of which you’ll see coming up in upcoming episodes.”

However, for viewers ready for answers to all of their questions, Parveen Kaur told E! News that audience members were “going to get more answers as to what happened to us on the plane, you are also going to get more questions to what happened to us on the plane.” Melissa Roxburgh summarized the show in five words for E! News, adding “Death date. Drugs. Cold. Triangle. Book.”

We’ll keep watching. Any show that mentions a triangle has us hooked.

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