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Which members of the 'Manifest' cast are returning for the television show's fourth and final season? Learn the details of the return.

The cast of 'Manifest' on Netflix is a huge reason why the show is such a hit. Will the same cast be returning for Netflix’s fourth season?

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'Manifest' has scored a revival over at Netflix for a fourth and final season. Learn why the streaming service resurrected the television show.

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'Manifest' quotes from the show’s creator & awesome cast members make us hope we can see another season. Let's take a look.

Will fans of the hit sci-fi series 'Manifest' see a third season? Dive into this television show and see whether you can tune in soon!

Could Netflix save another television show? See if the cancelled NBC series 'Manifest' could find a new home on the streaming giant.

Can we manifest a renewal by invoking 'Manifest' quotes? We hope so! Don't board that cancellation plane just yet and learn all about #SaveManifest.