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'Manifest' season 3 is on its way. To prepare, we've put together all the information we know so far about the upcoming season.

‘Manifest’ season 3: All the information we have so far

The first two seasons of Manifest left us with so many questions that we’ve hardly scratched the surface of the mysterious disappearance of flight 828. NBC has officially picked up Manifest for a third season and we’re excited that new episodes are just around the corner. 

On June 15th, the Manifest Twitter handle posted a season 2 recap with a little teaser that stresses the question: what happened to that plane?

So what happened in Manifest season 2?

Spoiler alert!

Manifest season 2 ended with Zeke (Matt Long) defying his death date, marrying Mic, and saving Cal (Jack Messina). Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben (Josh Dallas) start to believe that following callings might be how to defeat the death date. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) kills the Major because she thinks it’ll help save Zeke’s life, but it leads her down a darker path than we expected.

One of the most surprising parts of the last episode of Manifest season 2 is when Ben has a calling (premonition) of Flight 828 exploding over the ocean. After the calling we see a Cuban fishing boat recover the tail of Flight 828 from the ocean. The fisherman doesn’t understand how he could pull up a piece from a plane that he knows returned safely to the ground, and we get a juicy cliffhanger for next season.

What’s in store for Manifest season 3?

The missing plane piece that was retrieved from the ocean in Manifest season 2 will play a huge role in season 3. As the wreckage is broadcast across news & media outlets, a global audience will bring to question claims of authenticity & conspiracy. This will also bring other passengers from Flight 828 into the fray.

Manifest the meth heads

One of the showrunners from Manifest, Jeff Rake, has disclosed that he has a six-season plan in place. Rake’s going to give us more dirt on what’s happening to the main characters, but he also wanted to introduce new characters outside for Flight 828 that have experienced death and return. Rake gave us a little spoiler (that’s not really a spoiler) in pointing out that the meth heads also have these experiences.

Most of us who have watched Manifest season 2 already know something strange is going on with the meth heads. Rake mentioned it’s the experiences of the meth heads when they return that will be important.

How the meth heads react to their experiences of returning from the dead will have major implications that are going to be significant for the show’s plot moving forward. This will likely change how we understand callings and what they mean for the characters.

Saanvi will need to Manifest a good alibi

We’re also going to witness the cat-and-mouse game that Saanvi is playing with the cops, as they investigate the Major’s death. She’ll try to stay one step ahead – but will her callings be compromised because she took another person’s life? We’ll have to wait and find out how killing someone affects callings in Manifest.

When does Manifest season 3 premiere?

With so many questions and loose ends right now, we’re getting impatient for the next season. Though no official date for Manifest season 3 has dropped, if they follow the same release schedule as season 2 it’s likely to premiere sometime in April or May of 2021. Until then, we’ll avoid all plane travel and watch out for meth heads.

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