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'Money Heist', the iconic Spanish Netflix series, is finally getting the spinoff it deserves. Who should star in the Korean remake?

‘Money Heist’ Korean reboot fancast: Who Netflix needs to cast

When one door closes, another opens. Money Heist, the iconic Spanish Netflix series, is finally getting the spinoff it deserves – except instead of the spinoff about Berlin we all want, it’s a K-drama version. 

News broke late Sunday night Netflix is looking to bring the heist sensation to Korea. Considering Money Heist season 4 broke its already high viewership records, it’s no surprise a new version was greenlit. But with a new version of the Netflix show comes a new cast. 

As huge fans of both Korean dramas and Money Heist, we’re here to take the burden off Netflix and cast the next group of thieves. Netflix, if you’re smart, you’ll take our advice and at least consider these casting decisions for the Korean version of Money Heist

The Professor

Plenty of strong Korean leading men could take over the mantle of the Professor from Álvaro Morte. But the point of the Professor is he’s not supposed to look like the mastermind of a heist. He must be a little disheveled, a bit of a nerd, definitely awkward, but with a giant brain. 

Who better than Kim Soo-hyun, who proved he can encompass these characteristics even after taking time off for military service? His role as Moon in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is exactly why Soo-hyun is the perfect choice to lead the heist operation. Soo-hyun is quickly becoming a Netflix K-drama star; what better way to welcome him into the Money Heist remake?


Strong Woman Bong Soon star Park Bo Young would make the perfect Tokyo. We need someone feisty and ready to lay down her life, but also sensitive, fragile, and emotionally dependent on her peers. If we’re just looking at her role as Boon Soon, Park Bo Young encompasses these characteristics perfectly.

Of course, Bo Young is more than just one role, and over the years she’s shown the deep complexity she can bring to a performance. Tokyo is a complex individual (even if we hate her), so Bo Young might even luck out and make a new Money Heist audience actually like Tokyo. 


The complete opposite of the Professor, his brother Berlin needs to be cocky, rude, and arrogant, but a strong leader through & through. We’re a bit biased because we’ve been rebinging Boys Over Flowers, but try to tell us Lee Min-ho isn’t perfect to take on this role.

Jun-pyo is basically the exact same character as Berlin, and there’s a lot of Berlin in Min-ho’s role in The King: Eternal Monarch as well. Min-ho is a sweetheart in real life, but he knows how to play the a$$hole well. We’re begging you, Netflix: if you take any of our fancastings seriously for the Money Heist remake, make this one a reality.


You need someone who can handle the tragic backstory of Nairobi, but maintain her witty tongue. Netflix, of course, will have lucked out greatly if they can score Crash Landing on You’s leading lady Son Ye-jin as their new Nairobi in K-Money Heist.

Ye-jin made a name for herself in Korea as a drama actress, specializing in tearjerker films like A Moment to Remember and April Snow. As she expanded into more romcom territory however, it became clear Ye-jin can be just as witty as dramatic. That’s exactly the kind of performance Nairobi deserves. 


Look, Rio is only good for looking hot and making Tokyo slightly bearable. We know he’s not Korean, but put Wang Yibo in Money Heist or we’re rioting, Netflix. 


Similar to Rio, you need a young K-drama actor who’s hot, young, good at playing cocky, and willing to laugh like a sociopath. Realistically, Netflix ought to recast Jaime Lorente from normal Money Heist to the Korean spinoff, because no one else can capture that laugh like he does.

However, if Netflix does want to attempt to capture Denver in the Money Heist spinoff properly, Nam Joo-hyuk is the best actor for the job. Just look at his role as Jung Joon-hyung in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, as he balances sensitivity & emotion with being confidence & cockiness. 


We completely understand actors not wanting to be typecast, but if you don’t think Signal star Kim Hye-soo when thinking of a Korean Raquel, go back to the casting drawing board. The cop who fought her way to the top and takes no nonsense, Raquel is Cha Soo-hyun. 

Hye-soo is of course more than just her Signal character, as she’s a brilliant actress on Hyena and Queen of the Office. She’s much more of a film actress, so it would be the perfect opportunity for Netflix to bring Hye-soo back to the TV world with this role in Money Heist.

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