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#SaveJessicaJones: Can’t get enough of Krysten Ritter and the rest of 'Jessica Jones''s stellar cast? Check out all their best previous and upcoming work.

Save ‘Jessica Jones’: Check out the cast’s other projects

Jessica Jones season 3 was tainted with the sad news that after the damaged heroine’s third outing, the series is gone for good. We’re still insisting the taut exploration of fierce womanhood, toxic masculinity, and PTSD was among the best projects the MCU released thus far and consider it absolutely essential viewing.

If you couldn’t get enough of Krysten Ritter and the rest of the stellar cast, help us prove to Marvel that Jessica Jones amassed some of the best talent in the biz today by checking out all their best previous and upcoming work.

As the second season of 'Jessica Jones' fast approaches, we wanted to celebrate the eclectic career of Krysten Ritter. Having appeared in a set of teen shows, comedies, dramas, and even the occasional crime caper, Ritter has made a career out of enigmatic and even whimsical roles.

Krysten Ritter

As The Avengers will vouch, Ritter’s schedule has been packed with an ongoing dedication to Marvel’s ruthless filming dates. She’s been committing to her Netflix contract practically back to back, so her slate of upcoming project is slim pickings.

She’s currently rumoured to be appearing with her Marvel costar David Tennant in an adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire’s amnesiac play Fuddy Meers. If you can’t wait for an official announcement, make sure to check out her short-lived lead role in the supremely underrated Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, as well as her various supporting roles in Veronica Mars, Big Eyes, and 2017’s The Hero.

If you absolutely can’t get enough of David Tennant, you’re likely very excited about his new movie 'Bad Samaritan' finally being released in theaters. Here are eight times Tennant pulled off a jaw-dropping feat of pure badass that make us root for him regardless of whether he’s playing a good or bad guy.

David Tennant

If you’re as nerdy as we are, we probably don’t need to persuade you to get Tennant’s tenure on British sci-fi staple Doctor Who on your radar. Once he left the role of the fast-talking Time Lord, he became one of the BBC’s most prolific performers, so prepare yourself for a week of bingewatching.

Aside from various appearances on sitcoms and panel shows, his biggest post-Doctor Who role has to be chilling detective drama Broadchurch, in which he stars alongside current Oscar frontrunner Olivia Colman as partners investigating various grisly crimes around a fictional Dorset village.

Tennant takes on another lead role later this year playing the morally dubious demon Crowley in the highly anticipated adaptation of Good Omens alongside Martin Sheen.

Mustafa Shakir as Bushmaster & Gabrielle Dennis as Nightshade have joined the cast of Marvel & Netflix’s 'Luke Cage''s second season.

Mike Colter

The simplest solution to wanting a little bit of Colter in your life is to switch on Luke Cage, but we know you might be keen to see him in a role that doesn’t involve deflecting bullets and punching people into walls.

Colter got his start playing various characters in various Law & Order spinoffs, but got a taste of the big time when he landed a recurring role in The Good Wife, one he’ll be reprising in the followup, The Good Fight. You can also catch him in American Horror Story: Coven as well as his upcoming cinematic ventures Before You Know It and Fatale.

Rachael Taylor

Forgive us if this is a little mean, but it’s rather fitting Taylor was picked for the role of a failed child star, given her biggest project before she landed on Jessica Jones was a scrapped reboot of Charlie’s Angels. We still love her on Grey’s Anatomy, always worth a rewatch, and we’re holding out hope the true crime thriller Finding Steve McQueen will give her post-Marvel career a much-deserved boost.

Erin Moriarty

Apparently Erin’s caught the comic book bug, as her next project will see her starring alongside Karl Urban and Elizabeth Shue for an adaptation of The Boys, a Dynamite Entertainment graphic novel by Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson. Promising to be a bleaker take on the world of superheroes in which a team of vigilantes embrace their inner dark sides, the series is set for a Prime Video release later this year.

Eka Darville

Former Red Ranger Eka Darville landed the role of Jessica’s drug addict neighbor Malcolm, but he had already made the rounds on a variety of popular shows such as Empire and The Originals. He’ll next be seen in the repellently titled Her Smell, a cool and revealing autopsy of a self-destructive punk star featuring Elisabeth Moss and Cara Delevingne.

Carrie Anne-Moss

If you haven’t seen The Matrix yet, then what the hell else have you been doing with your life? Other than this staple of turn-of-the-millennium sci-fi, we’d implore you to check out her other recent lead role in the cerebral AI drama Humans, as well as her past work for Christopher Nolan’s Memento and D.J. Caruso’s underrated tribute to Rear Window, Disturbia.

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