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Curious about what they found on Jeffrey Epstein's island, Little St. James? Read about the island's history and how Epstein got away with crime there.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island: Everything to know about “Orgy Island”

Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands had many nicknames like Pedo Island & Orgy Island. Epstein’s favorite name for his private island was Little St. Jeff, since he considered himself the king of its domain, completely above the law. 

Jeffrey Epstein is notorious for running an international sex trafficking ring, allegedly involving wealthy, powerful men as his clients. Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in 2007 for charges related to his activities, and again in 2019 after a new investigation & public outcry over his lenient sentencing from before. 

Awaiting trial, prison officials found Jeffrey Epstein dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide. After Epstein’s death, federal officials raided several of his homes, including Little St. James. Although Epstein is dead, maybe he didn’t take all of his secrets with him. Here’s what we know about Epstein’s island. 

Jeffrey Epstein bought Little St. James in the late 1990s

Off the coast of St. Thomas and with around seventy-two acres of land, Little St. James is a private island perfect for the obscenely wealthy. Jeffrey Epstein bought it from a venture capitalist, Arch Cumming, in 1998. He bought it for nearly $8 million and began renovating it into his own private playground. 

Jeffrey Epstein regularly hosted parties on Little St. James

Jeffrey Epstein was famous for the lavish, debaucherous parties he threw on Little St. James. A former employee of Epstein’s claimed to see Victoria’s Secret models on the island. Epstein also kept a manifest of visitors that he flew onto the island aboard his private jet, The Lolita Express.

Guests on Little St. James included L Brands (Victoria’s Secret’s parent company) CEO Leslie Wexner and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. One of Epstein’s former victims, Virginia Roberts-Giuffre also reported seeing former U.S. president Bill Clinton there. 

Roberts-Giuffre was surprised when she saw Clinton on the island and asked Jeffrey Epstein what he was doing there. Epstein told her that the former president owed him a favor. 

Some of Epstein’s worst abuses happened on the island

According to attorneys for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, the worst abuses happened on Little St. James. Victims were reportedly sexually assaulted at Epstein’s orgies. Epstein also made it hard for them to escape

One victim tried to swim to Great St. James, but was caught before she made it to the island. When she was caught, she recalls her passport was taken away and she was threatened not to try and escape again. 

Epstein tried to buy the island next door 

Great St. James was in both swimming distance and surveillance distance from Little St. James. In 2016, Jeffrey Epstein tried to buy it for $22.5 million. However, locals begged the owners not to sell to Epstein. By that time, it was an open secret that he took underage girls there. 

Epstein still brought underage girls to his private island

Locals knew about the reputation of Jeffrey Epstein’s island. While Jeffrey Epstein reportedly made his victims wear uniforms to look like legitimate workers, local islanders knew he was taking girls to Little St. James as late as 2019. 

Jeffrey Epstein pled guilty to soliciting a minor in 2008. While the non-prosecution agreement was controversial and incredibly lenient, it made Jeffrey Epstein register as a sex offender. He wasn’t supposed to be in contact with minors at all, let alone transporting them to the U.S. Virgin Islands on his jet!

The FBI raided Little. St. James

After Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the FBI raided Little St. James to look for evidence of his crimes. The FBI seized computers from the island, but nothing’s been reported on what was on them. However, some sleuths made some other bizarre discoveries. 

Two activists from We Are Change, Luke Rudkowski, and Jeff Burwick snuck on the island three months after the raid and apparently took video. The New Zealand Herald reported they explored the cubic temple where Epstein allegedly hid his victims. His initials were painted on the entrances. They also found fake doors and secret entrances.

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