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Don't be such a Muggle and come join us at Hogwarts! Ready to binge-watch all of the 'Harry Potter' film series? Find out which sites to enjoy it on here.

Want to watch the ‘Harry Potter’ movies in order? Marathon them here

If there’s one thing that unites almost every millennial, it’s the Harry Potter franchise. Whether you prefer all seven books or the eight movies, most millennials know all about the Boy Who Lived and his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. 

If you’re really into Harry Potter, you can probably quote the books & movies, know Professor Remus Lupin’s middle name, and know the correct order of obstacles it takes to get to the sorcerer’s stone (hopefully Voldemort isn’t there waiting for you like he is in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). There’s nothing wrong with that! You’re allowed to love Harry Potter enough to name your cat or your pub trivia team after him.

More than 500 million copies of the books have sold worldwide and the movies have made billions of dollars, demonstrating just how popular the series is. Given this persisting popularity, Harry Potter is still such a big part of people’s lives. 

Thus, we all still have an urge to relive the memories every once in a while by reading the books and watching the movies in order from start to finish. In preparation for your next Harry Potter marathon, here’s a guide to which movies are available to watch online. 

Where can I stream Harry Potter online?

Last year, all eight Harry Potter movies were in order on HBO Max, but that sadly isn’t the case any more. The streaming rights for Harry Potter turned out to only be borrowed to kick off HBO’s new streaming service. Once the contract ran out in August 2020, the Harry Potter movies apparated from the streaming platform to a brand new place.

Since the entire Harry Potter series is no longer on HBO Max, where is it available? On a brand new streaming service called Peacock!

Peacock came out nationally in July 2020 and is owned by Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal. The name comes from the NBC peacock logo. The platform opened to make content from NBCUniversal available for streaming, along with a bit of third-party content too. The Harry Potter movies are just one of many options on the new streaming service.

One appealing element of Peacock is the platform’s tiered service, including a Free, Premium, and Premium Plus, which means that some content is available to stream for free. But is Harry Potter

Good news: yes! All eight movies are free with ads to watch on Peacock, so you can easily watch all of them in order without dropping some cash. 

Where else can I watch Harry Potter online?

If Peacock isn’t for you, there are of course other places to find Harry Potter online. Sadly, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max are out of the picture, so you’ll have to broaden your horizons to find them.

What about Amazon Prime? Unfortunately, no, the Harry Potter franchise isn’t on Amazon Prime either. However, you can still rent them on Amazon for $3.99 each or buy the movies for $9.99 each. 

You can also rent or buy them on iTunes, YouTube, & Google Play for the same price as Amazon.

What about the Fantastic Beasts series?

At this time, the Fantastic Beasts franchise isn’t available on Peacock. It isn’t on Amazon Plus, Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max either. Bummer!

However, there is hope! The Fantastic Beasts movies are available to rent for $3.99 or buy for $9.99 through several sites. These sites include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, & YouTube. No Harry Potter marathon is complete without the Fantastic Beasts movies so, unfortunately, you’re just going to have to fork over the money for them.

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