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We want the network execs to sit up and listen this year, so we’re calling on you to carry on 'Colony’'s story for our fan-fiction contest.

Save ‘Colony’ 60-second fan-fiction contest

If you’re a science fiction fan, chances are you’ve been royally screwed by television networks in the last few years. Despite thrilling season arcs, riveting cliffhangers, and some of the best casts on TV, many of our fave shows have been cut down in their prime.

One of the best has to be Colony, a gritty, dystopian vision of the future populated by ruthless oppressors, rebel factions, and a mysterious extraterrestrial threat known only as the Hosts.

This year we’re fighting to save Colony alongside a band of innovative genre series like Shadowhunters, Timeless, and Dark Matter that were on their way to become giants of prestige television before some bigshot decision-makers decided to take them down a peg.

We want the network execs to sit up and listen this year, so we’re calling on you to carry on Colony’s story for our fan-fiction contest.

How it works

  1. You write your concept for an episode of Colony in five sentences or less.
  2. We choose the concept we think would make a great teleplay.
  3. The writer of the best teleplay concept receives a $100 Amazon gift voucher (to spend on more Colony merch, of course).
  4. Just for fun, we’ll work with a professional screenwriter to punch up your concept as a 15-minute fanfiction teleplay script. 
  • Contest opens NOW.
  • Contest closes June 30th, 2019


  • Do the Demis pose a great threat to Earth?

  • What happens after the Seattle attack?

  • What is Project Phoenix?

  • Does Snyder have something catastrophic planned for the Resistance?

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