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Chrsitine Quinn can steal the show on 'Selling Sunset,' but how much do you know about her husband? Discover the details about their whirlwind romance.

All the questions we have for Netflix about Christine Quinn’s husband

Selling Sunset was once a mere blip on the radar – a show that would appear on your Netflix homepage for a day or two & then disappear for months, and we didn’t really know what it was. Now? Now, it’s the latest hot obsession.

The complicated & dramatic lives of elite Los Angeles real estate agents captivated people’s attention. Sure, the houses are fun to fantasize about. We can’t help but want to know more about these women and the lives they’re trying to make seem picture perfect.


One of the things which has us wanting a whole lot more information is the whirlwind romance between Christine Quinn and her new husband Christian Richard. Chrissy Teigen recently accused Selling Sunset of being entirely fake, claiming she didn’t think the women were real agents. 

While Teigen was off the mark on that front, it doesn’t mean the show hasn’t fabricated a few things – here are the questions we have about Richard.

A rose by any other name

Quinn was single in the first season of Selling Sunset, but met Christian Richard before the second season began. While many of the women’s significant others avoid taking part in the show Richard (somewhat reluctantly) agreed to join in on filming.

Here’s the thing though – Christian Richard isn’t actually his name. His name is Christian Dumontet.

Nobody quite knows why Chrisitan apparently chose to use a stage name for Selling Sunset – a supposed reality show, but it has caused some to raise eyebrows & wonder whether there’s more falsehoods surrounding him. The answer could be entirely innocuous, but we still have to ask, why the name change?

Mr. Moneybags

Where did Christine Quinn’s new husband get all his money? The man is forty-one and he’s already retired. He bought Quinn’s dream home from her (a $5 million home for the curious) and we know he uses a private jet.

One source came up with an estimate (though, we have no idea how accurate it is) guessing he’s worth $20 million. Honestly, it doesn’t matter because clearly Quinn knows the man has money. She captioned one of their wedding photos on Instagram with “Mr. And Mr$. 💰”. So . . . yeah, he has money.

According to reports, Richard was a software engineer and helped to create the first food delivery service (it was called Boston’s Foodler, and yes, we also wish we never read that word) which was eventually bought by Grubhub in 2017.

Whirlwind romance

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard weren’t even together for a year by the time they were married. The two became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019 and were married in December. Quinn was single in Selling Sunset’s first season and engaged by the second.

The fast nature of the relationship surprised cast members too. The story goes that Quinn met Richard through her friend. Quinn’s friend had been set up on a date with Richard, but it didn’t work out. However, the friend thought Quinn might like Richard and set the two up. Apparently it was almost love at first sight.

Two months after Quinn met Richard she sold him a house (and netted a $150,000 commission). The home in question just happened to be Quinn’s dream home where she would imagine living with a future husband as she waited for people to arrive to open houses. Now, that daydream is a reality for her.

Happily ever after

What are the couple up to now? Appreciating the honeymoon phase of their marriage in their massive multi-million dollar home. Quinn admits she wishes they could be doing some travel right now, but says she’s happy “Martha Stewart-ing”, something she’s never had time for before.

Quinn also says, “We’re doing great. We’re best friends. It’s awesome.” 

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