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How successful is BTS? Check out all the records our favorite K-pop band has broken thanks to their amazing songs.

All the records BTS songs have broken worldwide

Our life hasn’t been the same ever since BTS debuted seven years ago under Big Hit Entertainment. We can’t picture going through 2020 without BTS’s music.

One of the things which makes BTS so appealing to everyone is the variety of genres the band has worked with. The wide range of topics they get into is also what makes them so relatable. Addressing topics such as loss and individuality caused many people to identify with their music.

BTS’s style, catchy songs, charisma, and cool dance moves have won the hearts of fans throughout the world. Now BTS has a loyal fanbase, and its music has earned it a spot in the charts on more than one occasion. In case you haven’t heard about BTS’s undeniable success, here are the records it’s broken so far.

Billboard 200

BTS is the first Korean act to debut at No. 1 on Billboard 200. The record earning the band the top spot was Love Yourself: Tear. It includes amazing songs such as the intro “Singularity” and “Fake Love”. A few months later, they released Love Yourself: Answer, which beat their previous record as it was also released at No. 1.

With these two albums, BTS became the first non-English speaking act to debut at No.1 in twelve years. We’re so happy for BTS’s success, the band honestly deserves it.

Billboard 100

As well as doing great in the Billboard 200, BTS killed it by staying on No. 1 on the Billboard 100, making it the first K-pop band ever to hold the position. So far, BTS has held a spot at the Billboard 100 for twenty-seven weeks!

If you’ve ever listened to BTS’s songs, you probably know why the band members are so popular right now. Their music is incredibly good, and everyone should listen to them.

Billboard Music Awards

Aside from killing it at the charts, BTS has also broken records when it comes to awards. BTS was the first K-pop band to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards, as well as the first K-pop band to win a Billboard Music Award.

We hope these are just the first Billboard Music Awards BTS wins.

First to perform on US TV

Back in 2017, BTS performed for the first time at the American Music Awards. This was also the first time ever a K-pop band appeared on U.S. TV.

We’re extremely thankful to live in a time when we get to see BTS on TV. Hopefully this is just the first of many appearances.

BTS videos

Out of every K-pop band, BTS was the one who reached 100 million views on their video “Fake Love” the soonest. With only eight and a half days, BTS broke the record by collecting this insane number of views.

More recently, the song “Dynamite” broke a record on YouTube. In just twenty-four hours, the single reached 101 million views. We highly recommend you listen to this song, it’s definitely a banger.

RIAA Certification

The Recording Industry Association of America awarded BTS with a certification for one of his collaborations with Steve Aoki, titled “MIC Drop”. The single sold over 500,00 units!

“MIC Drop” is only one of the three songs BTS has made in collaboration with Steve Aoki. The other two songs, which we absolutely hope you listen to, are “Waste It On Me” & “The Truth Untold”. This last one is really different from what you’d expect from this collaboration. You should definitely check it out!


BTS took Adele’s throne by becoming the artist with most iTunes No. 1s in history – the song that clinched it: “Black Swan”. On top of this, BTS debuted at No. 1 on Spotify with its most recent song “Dynamite”. It reached over 7 million streams within a day. Right now BTS holds the title for the biggest Spotify debut this year.

Special thanks to Circe Rivera for advising about the Love Yourself albums, and the Steve Aoki collabs.

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